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Not Important?

The words used by the Malay minority Chief Minister of Sarawak to refer to the visit of ex Prime Minister Mahathir and other PH leaders to Sarawak to attend a PH event.

Just who does this pompous “johnny come lately” Sarawak Malay politician think he is? Tunku Abdul Rahman in disguise? Why should he think that his opinion about the nation’s political leaders is of interest to anyone?

He was presumably referring to the law that allows Sarawak to ban entry of Malaysians from other constituent States of Malaysia? That provision of law is there to control, if necessary, unregulated immigration of peninsular Malaysians into the Borneo States. That has never been necessary but the law has been constantly misused by BN to try to prevent political opponents from making progress in Sarawak and Sabah.

Only those who fear competition try to outlaw it and this Sarawak CM is clearly afraid of PH. He is right to be so as it will sweep him and his corrupt fellow members into the dustbin of history. Has he, one wonders, been able to hide away in some safe haven any part of the spoils of destroying Sarawak’s forests? Or did Taib take it all? Melanau trumps Malay! Not for the first, nor probably the last, time.

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