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There is a Tide in the affairs of Men

As so often, the Bard hit the nail on the head. Today the tide is in for both Sarawak and Sabah. Both deprived of all but a pitifully small share in their natural resource wealth they have seen Putrajaya suck up all the rest.

While there might have been some arguments in favour of that arrangement in the past the blatant thieving of Malaysia’s resources, financial and otherwise, by mega criminal Prime Minister Najib should cause wiser heads in both the Borneo States to think again.

Why should they sit on their hands when THEIR wealth is stolen by a common crook? In fact they do not need to. Najib, stupidly, often refers to what he calls his “fixed deposit” meaning not the billions he has in banks outside his country but the votes in the Parliament of the two Borneo States. His boast highlights the fact that without these votes he has no majority and can be ousted at any time.

So now, after sixty years of being squeezed both by KL and their own crooked political leaders, Sarawak and Sabah have in their hands the chance to right these wrongs and ensure that the bulk of the revenue from their natural resources (oil and timber) stays in the two States and is used for their development.

Najib cannot resist such a demand since loss of office means certain jail for life for him and Beijing will not be able to rescue him. They have no votes in the Federal Assembly! So go to it! There is no time to lose and vast potential gain for the taking! If Najib felt safe with Taib, and then Adenan, let him know that there are leaders in the Borneo States that put their peoples’ interests first

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