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What Price A Royal Visit?

Now we know why arch thief Najib stopped off in London on his way back from lying to US President Trump that Malaysia would make massive purchases from the US; thereby warming the cockles of that businessman’s heart.

It was to beg for a Royal Visit. Not the domestic Royals of Malaysia but the star studded ones who live in London. No doubt urged on by the businessmen in London who back the Tory party it appears that Mrs. May (perhaps looking for a  diversion) agreed that a Royal Visit to Malaysia would be a good idea.

It is, one supposes, just possible that Mrs. May was not au courant with the immense financial and worse scandals in which Najib is involved though as she agreed to meet him she, or someone, should have done their homework.

However when one knows that the most senior British diplomat of those supposed to aware of the situation in Malaysia is known to have said that Najib would easily win the next election (which must be held before mid 2018) it is not hard to see why no alarm signals were raised when the Visit was mooted. The FCO totally ignorant and/or totally stupid, as so often in the past.

So see where are, with the Heir to the Throne, the only son of the Head of the Commonwealth, embarking on a tour of Malaysia designed by Najib himself to whitewash his enormous criminal activities and to be able use as proof that he is not a criminal at all. Would the Queen allow her heir to visit a mega criminal he will ask while begging the voters of Malaysia to reelect him.

What is even more surprising than anything else is that the Palace, always, and rightly, scrupulous to avoid any taint of scandal should have allowed itself to walk straight into such a monumental blunder. It is not as though Najib and his party are just under suspicion. Endless proof of their criminality is publicly available. Except perhaps in the files of the FCO?

No one likes backing down but if ever there were a case for a diplomatic illness this must be it. And, of course, some staff changes at the FCO.

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