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Criminal Complains!

Najib Razak has publicly accused political opponents of persistent defamation against him!

If this upset him why has he not sued? Despite being described daily, and accurately, as a mega thief and worse he has not once applied to the Courts, some of which he controls by one means or another, for relief from this “torrent of defamation” Why not?

Quite simply nothing is defamatory if it is true and Najib knows better than anyone else that all the crimes and other illegal actions imputed to him are factual and true.

So why complain now? Does he really think that a single voter will pay attention to his complaint of defamation? He would be better occupied working out how he is going to survive a slew of life sentences in prison.  If he needs tips on prison life he could ask Anwar Ibrahim who he illegally caused to serve a sentence there.

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