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Criticism, BN style

In a public statement deputy Prime Minister (for a few days more) Zahid stated that criticism “is allowed” BUT “it must be constructive” So revealing, intentionally or otherwise, that, for BN, Malaysia is a police state in which he and his friends can decide on whether any criticism of them and their actions is “constructive.”

Put your worries about this on hold, Zahid. Any criticism that works to get you and your criminal boss and your crooked political associates out of power and into prison is mega constructive.

Only a fool or a knave would oppose political criticism as such. Does Zahid really think that nothing that he and his friends have done merits criticism, Does he think that the commission of criminal acts, such as thefts of public money by Najib and others should pass unremarked because it would not be constructive for him and his fellow criminals?

To make such a claim is not only absurd and childlike but it also demonstrates the total unfitness of Zahid and his associates for any public office; night soil collectors included.

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