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Democracy or Dictatorship

The Constitution of Malaysia could not be clearer. Malaysia is a democratic State with a monarch as Head of State. The system is almost identical with the English model on which it was based. With one very important difference.

In England the Monarch must act on the advice of the Prime Minister and can dissolve Parliament before its due date ONLY if so advised by the Prime Minister. In Malaysia the Agong has the power to dissolve Parliament acting solely in his own judgment and the Prime Minister plays no part and has no say.

This provision was inserted into the Constitution by far sighted persons who thought that one day some politician might seek to subvert democracy and the Constitution. Which is EXACTLY what has happened.

Having stolen vast sums of public money and been found out, Najib is now trying to turn Malaysia into a dictatorship ruled by fear and arbitrary arrest and detention. He has been able to do this with the consent of purchased members of Parliament and by dismissing anyone who opposes his dictatorial ambitions and/or calls for him to be made to answer for his monstrous crimes against his own country.

BUT he cannot alter the Constitution as he lacks the two thirds majority needed for that. His only solution to that problem would be to declare openly that he has become Dictator and that the Constitution is abolished. Even his most ardent Malay supporters would not agree to that and such an action would probably provoke a civil war.

There is only one way out of this terrible dilemma now faced by Malaysia and Malaysians and that is to impose a public consultation. An election to determine the will of the people. Freedom or slavery.

Najib will never do that. He knows he would lose and with it both his stolen billions and his freedom. But the Agong CAN. He can simply dismiss this corrupted Assembly and impose a general election. That is not only his right but also, and more importantly, his duty to the Malaysian nation which he heads. Malaysia has the right to choose if it wants to become a squalid dictatorship controlled by mega crooks and their hangers on and the Agong can give it that choice.

To fail in that duty would remove the whole point of having a monarchical system and the new Dictator would at once move to abolish it. Likewise the popular will to support a monarchical system in future could hardly be hoped for.

So it is up to the Head of State, supported by his fellow Rulers, to do what the Constitution allows and to provoke a new general election. So allowing the people a choice between a proven mega crook as dictator and rule by the will of the people.

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