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Partners In Crime

The latest news from crimeville, better known as Kuala Lumpur, is that the boss criminal, known to many as Najib Razak, is beginning to have doubts about his right hand man in Scumno, the slippery Zahid. Well founded doubts probably since Inche Z does not bother to conceal his ambition to grab the top job

And why not? Everything in Malaysia is up for grabs so why should Najib and his moll have it all? Sure they bribe well but what’s a bribe or series of bribes when the whole public revenue is there for the taking?

Add to that a wholly misplaced self estimation of personal ability and competence and you have a ready made menu for a power grab. Once democracy has gone out of the window what does it matter which crook holds power and the means to steal from the public purse?

And democracy has gone that way. Be the boss of UMNO and you are automatically the Prime Minister. No nonsense about voting. And if there should be any opposition they can just be sacked. Ask former Deputy PM Muhyiddin. And he did not ask for the job, just for an explanation!

There is no way back through UMNO and the like. It can only be sorted by expression of the popular will. So Malaysians have a choice. Continue to allow mega thief Najib and his cronies to steal public money and assets as they want or go to the street in numbers sufficient to frighten him into surrendering the power he has stolen.

That needs popular support from all communities; the rural Malay community included. They should remember that Najib has stolen and will go on stealing from THEIR money, Tabung Haji for example and KWAP. No pilgrimages and no pensions! Does support for a mega thief go that far, communal considerations aside? Think about it and then act

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