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Najib Inspired by Erdogan.....

And the reason why the Swiss National Day, August 1st 2016, will be a disaster for democracy in Malaysia and at the same time it might be the ultimate  win for Kleptocracy in the same nation. A disgrace, but it is stark reality. 

​All Malaysian Citizens of all walks of life represent the Sovereign of Malaysia. The Citizens of any democratic nation form the Sovereign. Malaysia is supposed by its constitution to foster democracy. A relatively young nation had all the paradisiac parameters in terms of natural resources and opportunities that come with it like job creation to better the lives of Malaysians for decades to come. Sadly now in 2016 things will change to the worst if the Malaysian citizens fail to stand up and to do a radical regime change. A regime change of any nation can never be executed by any foreigners, it is the privilege ad in some cases the honorable duty of the citizens to take charge if and when betrayed and or oppressed by the leaders they have voted to run their nation, their assets and their socio economic development progress.

1MDB, now proven at highest possible levels by the Department of Justice of the united States of America, has been set up and run like a self service boutique with no cashier, no point of payment. Malaysians and the world now have been duly informed that 1MDB was nothing else than a machine to usurp massive funds, largest ever reported in history in connection with corruption in the entire world, for the private champagne splashing, gambling addicted and luxury obsessed few, the select elect group of UMNO individuals, their President and one Malaysian Chinese Businessman who thought he is smarter than the light of the day, let us call him today simply, Mr. Low. Now that all those crimes and corrupt elements have been exposed on CNN by the US DoJ, accusing a certain Malaysian Official 1, Malaysians and the world were quick to connect the dots. It could well be also pointing at the Agong if one could agree that the Royals have any weight in Malaysia any longer. They do not. They are comfortable in their Palaces and Private Jets gambling away the forests, their last resource remaining, after being addicted since decades to Whiskey and Gambling in London, Las Vegas, Singapore and the lot. The Malaysian King is nothing less than decoration in the Malaysian Sphere, living in a Palace, paid by the Rakyat “the Malaysian Citizens”, with 1000 rooms whereby he probably only needs four rooms, one to dine, one to have a stiff drink, one to do his hygiene and one to sleep tight. Will the Royals reform Malaysia? Malaysians can only hope, it is their land.

I had the painful duty to carry a petition together with our lawyer, Nick Kaufman, to the United Nations in Geneva regarding the assassination of my beloved father Hussain Najadi who has contributed a lot to Malaysia by forming the then striving Arab-Malaysian Development Bank, or short, AMDB. Ironically it was none other than the great Tun Razak, then PM back in 1974/5, blessing the creation of today’s AmBank. My late father had management control and minority and he agreed to give Malaysia the majority. The bank went from strength to strength and engaged as a vital partner for the socio-economic progress of Malaysia and its people. My late father made the bank, Arab Malaysian Banking public in 1981 via the KLSE and later sold his stake to Azman Hashim, the Chairman of Ambank today. My father was brutally executed on July 29th 2013 right downtown and in open daylight by a Chinese Malaysian Assassin, a hired gun paid allegedly by Lim Yuen Soo with RM 20’000.- to do the job. Lim was put on Red Notice immediately by then AG, Abdul Gani Patail, a rightful capable man. Soon after I started to report on inconsistency and  started our facebook campaign “Justice4Najadi” things changed fast. Abdul Gani was removed, unconstitutionally, by Nanib Razak, replaced by a marionette called Mohamed Apandi Ali. The same exonerated Najib of any wrongdoing at 1MDB. “You must be kidding me.” was my reaction. Even our capable honorable Malaysian lawyer and MP, Gobind Singh Deo declared it as futile for us to try to proceed in Malaysia for discovery of the motive, the reason why my beloved super her, my dad, Hussain Najadi, was assassinated in Malaysia on that blackest day of my life. We took our rights in our hands and delivered to the United Nations on June 19th my petition to watch over Malaysia to duly investigate the assassination of my late father. This is our interest, the only one, regarding Malaysia.

Back to 1MDB and the Malaysian Official1. In my personal opinion this person is none less than the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Najib Razak. He who is nothing less than a Prime Minister is still a Minister. The term Minister comes from Latin and means “to Serve”. To serve the people who elected a Minister or Prime Minister. After the stunning legal communication coming out of the office of the Attorney General of the United States of America the Malaysian Press was gagged to report on it. Why? Because Najib has no intention to leave his post, why should he. As soon as he looses his post he will be imprisoned at best for life, his wife perhaps as well. Time will tell.

Consecuently I conclude here that Najib will make full use of the August 1st 2016, when the new Anti Terror law comes in to force. A law that the opposition stuüidly let slip through parliament without vigor. As of August 1st, the date of the Swiss National Day dating back to 1291 when the greatest and still functioning today democracy got formed, Najib will copy paste his other hero colleague, Mr. Erdogan. Malaysia will go from then on into the dark abyss of a Dictatorship. He is about to do an “Erdogan” post August 1st 2016, be warned.

Can all this black future be reversed today?

Yes indeed, but only if the citizens of Malaysia are willing to take the streets to remove the cancer once for all that has consumed and destroyed their liberties.

Pascal Najadi

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