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Does not make sense!

Joke Attorney General Apandi said this about a sensible suggestion by the Malaysian Bar that the Malaysian Government should ask the US DoJ to furnish information about the 1MDB and other scandals to Malaysia so that the matters could be investigated locally.

While one might accuse the Bar Council of being somewhat naïve in thinking that their suggestion would find favour in the Putrajaya thieves kitchen it has to be said that, solely in principle, they were right to suggest what they did.

Many of the 1MDB, and other Najib directed crimes, WERE committed within the Malaysian jurisdiction. And in any civilized country (a description Malaysia can no longer claim) they should and would have been investigated there. And the guilty parties, headed by mega thief Najib, brought to justice.

So what does the Malaysian Public Prosecutor Apandi have to say about that? “It does not make sense” What? The duty of the authorities to investigate crimes committed in Malaysia? Why then is he in office at all? For the salary and mega perquisites of a compliant running dog of master criminal Najib? And to keep Najib out of the jail which he, and Apandi, so richly deserve?

This incident provides the Malaysian Bar Council with more than ample evidence to disbar Apandi, both for obstruction of the course of justice and for bringing the Bar into disrepute. They should do so and the English Bar, which mistakenly admitted this fatuous crook, should do likewise.

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