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Doing My Best

Court of Appeal President Zulkifli, who was “sworn in” yesterday for a two year tenure of this post promised to do his best.

No doubt he will so far as he is able though past decisions of that Court have been of doubtful legality and, dare one say, morality.

The real point however is what is he doing in the postĀ at all. He has passed the age limit for the job, laid down in the Constitution and thereforeĀ neither arch criminal Najib nor the Agong have any right so to appoint him. True he could have been appointed as an “additional judge” which would have allowed him to do the duty he pledged to do but not as the boss. There, as Shakespeare said “lies the rub”.

Doing my best or crowing on the dungheap? The public will have little difficulty in deciding which.

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