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Sensible Sultan


The Ruler of Johor, in a public statement, made it clear that Malaysia is NOT a Taliban state, as some misguided Islamic politicians wish to see, but a country in which ALL are equal.

He is, of course, completely correct and is to be congratulated on making this clear.

While very many Malaysians share his view they would not be listened to if they made that view public.But the Sultan must be heard, and especially by those politicians seeking to make Malaysia an Islamic state, such as PAS . Also, and especially, by those politicians who are cynically supporting that proposal in order to try to win back lost political support. Not on policy grounds but by misusing religious convictions and feelings.

Prime among those is arch criminal Najib Razak. If he were for one moment a faithful follower of Islam he would confess his many grievous sins and abandon his office and his sinning associates. That will not happen. A mega thief may never repent but the best possibility of him doing so is from the prison cell to which his crimes have led him

That  something that Najib, and many of his accomplices, will soon find out.

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