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A Malaysian Minister, amusingly enough the Information Minister Salleh Keruak, is reported as urging Malaysians to treat Sarawak Report as untrue!

He may not have noticed that on the day he uttered this inanity the US Department of Justice had opened proceedings against arch thief Najib’s accomplice, Jho Low, to recover property purchased with money stolen from 1MDB.

Was Sarawak Report then lying when it exposed the 1MDB scams? Was it lying when it showed beyond all possible doubt that Najib is a criminal. Was the US Department of Justice co-operating in the confection of lies about 1MDB?

Or is Salleh a stupid and incompetent liar as well as a slanderer and an attempted deceiver of Malaysian voters? It will not be hard to make up one’s mind about that! He should also realise that by propagating what he knows to be lies he joins the list of those for whom there will be no post BN mercy.

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