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Fair Words

Now let’s see the performance. The new Sarawak CM told members of his State Assembly that a sum of RM5 million a year would be allocated to each assembly person to fund development projects in their respective constituencies. Presumably that will include those held by opposition parties even if that causes a shudder in the Astana.

The given reason for this move is that it is no longer necessary to wait for Kuala Lumpur to fund development, so Sarawak should get on with its own. An interesting explanation! Another, and more probable one, is that with the impending approach of federal elections CM Johari and his boss Najib would like to buy all possible support.

It is possible that Johari is telling the truth in part since any sensible Malaysian politician must now see that Najib’s days are numbered and that the future will not be bright for those who have openly supported such a mega criminal; and benefited financially by doing so.

BN in opposition effectively would mean BN in jail for most of its prominent leaders and that in turn could be an incentive to turn a Sarawakian cheek while there is still time to do so in safety.

The political history of Sarawak makes it all but certain that any such constituency funds will either be stolen in toto or disbursed to favour cronies. Here the public can help by bringing any such abuses into the light of day. The constituency subvention does not come from Abang Jo’s pocket nor, even less, from Najib’s. It will come from the taxpayer and it is in the interest of all the latter, and all voters, to scrutinise the use to which it is put and bring all abuses to public notice.

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