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Politicising Scandal

Whatever next? Calling the Prime Minister a thief. The Attorney General a stupid booby. It really is too bad of the opposition to point out criminal practice to the public. That seems to be the view of the Johor Mentri Besar.

Why? As MB he ought to be glad when wrongdoing in his area of responsibility is detected by the MACC, as in this case, or the PDRM or any honest citizen. Surely he does not approve of crime of any kind? So why complain publicly when even a tiny bit of BN corruption breaks through to public knowledge?

That is the heart of the matter of course. BN and politics are there to provide opportunities to members to steal or otherwise misuse public money. Najib is the best possible example, having stolen billions of public money as well as breaking other laws. If the President of the MB’s party can behave in that way why criticise a mere public servant for having stolen vastly less? Can the MB explain that to the public? They would really love to hear his explanation.

The plain fact of the matter is that the whole of the current government has been rotted to its core by thieving politicians, corrupt and stupid cops and hangers on of all descriptions. The best way to start the necessary huge clean up is to boot out BN from office. Maybe that   is at the heart of the MB’s complaint. Fear of job loss. And worse.

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