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Minister of Defence?


In a statement about N.Korea Minister of Defence Hishammudin stated that there was no fear of war between N. Korea and Malaysia since “he would be the first to hear” about it!

Actually he would share that auditory experience with most of Malaysia as a N. Korean H bomb exploded over the country¨   It is a measure of the utter stupidity and incompetence of arch thief Najib’s close associates that anyone capable of uttering public idiocies of the kind spouted by Hishammudin should hold a position higher than doorkeeper.

In fact Malaysians can relax. Very shortly Najib and his gang will give in and send all the N.Koreans in Malaysia back home, unscathed by criminal proceedings. A relationship that began, as we all now know, to provide slave labour to work in Sarawak coal mines and money to fill Najib’s pockets has now ended. Malaysians should feel pity for the wretched N. Korean slave labourers, victims of their own corrupt politicians and their equivalents in Sarawak, notably ex CM Taib.

Back to Hishammudin for a closing word. Be sure to let us all know when war breaks out since you claim you will be the first to know. Even before Najis?

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