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Thriving Assets!

Lying through his teeth as he is so well accustomed to doing,arch thief Najib told US business personalities that there had been “some issues” with 1MDB but that when he learned about them he “rationalised” them.

How true! Having personally stolen over a billion dollars from that fund, and laundered tham through the US, he now pretends that “some 1MDB assets are flourishing” Sure they are. In his personal portfolio!

Of course he did not think that his audience believed for one moment what he was saying. They all knew the real facts. After all who would attend a dinner for Najib, even a free one, who was not at best prepared to pretend that all is well.

All those present knew perfectly well that Najib has been PROVED by their own domestic Department of Justice to be a mega thief on an heroic scale. And they also knew that Najib’s host, their own President was deliberately conspiring to defeat the ends of US Justice by not having Najib arrested for multiple breaches of US criminal law.

And all that to sell jets to an airline fighting bankruptcy and other phantasmagoric “deals” so beloved by the businessman President.

One day Najib will face US justice (if he lives long enough to complete the prison sentences he will incur in Malaysia) A fate that, in the shape of trial or impeachment will touch Trump much sooner

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