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The Jala Report

This has been completed? With commendable speed and submitted to arch criminal Najib Razak. The latter’s reaction? It will be published “later”

Clearly if this report found all well at Felda Najib would be rushing to publish it. He is not and has as good as said that he wants it re-written. The most probable outcome is that it will remain in a bottom drawer until a new, honest, government disinters it and adds it to the plethora of evidence about Najib’s thefts and corruption.

There is already a mountain of suspicion about mismanagement and worse, much worse, at Felda and those whom it is intended to aid and support, but who have been let down by it, are exactly the same as UMNO’s core voters. Another, and even more convincing, reason for Najib to suppress this report.

The only surprising thing about the whole business is that Najib did not give the enquiry task to one of his “ministers” or maybe to that policing genius Khalid. Maybe had he done so the”fix” would have been too obvious to Malay voters?

On a scale of one to ten 1MDB can be awarded a one and Felda a ten so who is surprised at this blatant cover up?

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