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Gerrymandering in Malaysia

If the now obscure Irish politician Gerry Mander were still alive he would have to bow down before Najib Razak who has developed electoral malpractice to a level that Gerry would never have dared to attempt.

Fiddling with electoral boundaries is a criminal activity just like stealing billions of public funds so it is no surprise to find arch criminal Najib at work on both. What it does show to all voters in Malaysia is that Najib is so desperate to remain in office that he will resort to any activity, legal or illegal, to stay in office and out of prison.

The objective of his latest attempts to gerrymander once more is to increase the number of rural Malay held seats and reduce that of urban seats where the opposition is sure to prevail. BUT, and it is a big but, has he realised that his criminal activities are increasingly known in rural areas inhabited mainly by Malays?

Recently he allowed his cronies to use the police to attack a rural Malay community who were merely trying to protect their forest land from illegal logging. How well does he think that will sit with rural Malay communities? Especially as a new political party with Malay support will be opposing his puppets at the general election he is thinking of holding in the new year.

It is time, and past time, that the whole Malaysian electorate realise that the Prime Minister is an arch criminal who has robbed each and every elector. And that there is more, much more, still to come out about that. For him to expect support and votes simply because he belongs to the Malay community is an insult to the intelligence of every Malay voter. And this will be demonstrated at the election. IF he dares call it.

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