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Regain Trust!

Former BN Minister and current UMNO presidential candidate Zahid is reported as saying that UMNO can regain trust. It has only to abandon “money politics”!

Coming from arch thief Najb’s former Deputy and right hand man most Malaysians will simply burst out laughing.

It seems that Zahid thinks that Najib will be the only UMNO crook to be prosecuted. He could not be more wrong and his own name is high on the list of potential Sg. Buloh residents.

He must have some inkllng of this and his position generally since he will not be present when the election for a new UMNO president is held; although he is a candidate for that post. A somewhat indifferent one it seems.

Still we can relieve his doubts by informing him that he will most certainly be prosecuted for his activities while a Minister. Also that UMNO, a shortly to be proven criminal organisation, will have its registration cancelled so the “post” of President will be no more than a temporary sham.

Perhaps a spell abroad, maybe on native shores, would help to settle his mind and purge it of ridiculous aspirations.

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