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Holed By The Truth

In a truly pathetic attempt to lie his way out of the hole he is in Najib will try any tactic, however absurd and demonstrably untrue, to deny his criminal actions with 1MDB and other government funds.

Knowing that British courts function on the basis of proper inquiry and the establishment of  the truth he dare not sue Sarawak Report there. So he has to resort to childish lying, including claiming that Sarawak Report published stories it did not. The latest such attempt is the pathetic “statement” he  just issued about the appointment of the new Governor of Bank Negara.

The Bank, performing its statutory duties correctly, has caused him much embarrassment and obliged him to resort to a mixture of lying and bullying as he cannot answer its queries or  show that he and 1MDB are other than the thieves and liars that they really are.

So when the tenure of the Governor was up he breathed a big sigh of relief, blocked the proposed appointment of the Deputy Governor to the top job, and picked out a pliant crony to  take the post.

The Agong, compliant as always, agreed to the tame nominee’s appointment and is reported  to have been very unhappy when Najib, forced by circumstances, had to cancel the crony appointment and promote the Deputy Governor; as proposed by the outgoing Governor. He can hardly have expected that this turn round would pass unreported; and it didnt.

There is one even more interesting thing about Najib’s press statement. It claims that all concerned, Agong, Bank and himself are angry about the disclosures. But ir does not dare to add their names or state that it was issued with their approval.  In fact the Agong WAS very angry at being made to alter his decision, because it made him look stupid.  Hence the lie that no other appointment was ever proposed.

It was and the Agong is right to be annoyed. One does not jerk the Head of State around like a sock puppet.Or one shouldnt.  It might even induce him to use his constitutional power to dissolve Parliament.


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