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Helping hand, controlling hand.

So the thieves of 1MDB are hoping that China will buy them out of the bankruptcy of 1MDB; caused by their thefts from it.

How ironic that Najib, basher of local Chinese, should now be taking money from China. Even more ironic that he claims that he will soon call a general election in a bid to bury his crimes.

What do Malay voters, who have always backed his party UMNO, think about that! Is Beijing to be the new ruler of Putrajaya simply to keep a mega thief and his accomplices out of prison?

Malays have always been suspicious of their Chinese origin co-citizens, thinking that they are a threat to the indigenous population. From 1948 for many years their country was plagued by a communist insurgency almost entirely Chinese in composition and that has left deep roots of suspicion which have, among other things, polarised Malaysian politics on a racial basis.

Even so, keeping out of jail is more important to arch criminal Najib than the future and the privileged position of his fellow Malays. No surprise really. Someone who will pervert the whole process of democracy in his own country, who will lavish stolen public money on politicians, judges, top police officers and civil servants in order to keep out of jail will hardly hesitate to sell off his own country for Ren min bi.

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