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Press reports that a three day “anti-corruption” conference, attended by nearly 700 government employed lawyers was just held at the Attorney General’s chambers. Some might wonder if the Government needs so many lawyers (who as all know don’t come cheap) but questions of that order pale into insignificance when reports appear in the Press about what went on there.

Notorious crook and Najib jackal Apandi took the lead in addressing attendees. With truly breath taking chutzpah he told his audience that they must not: Engage in corrupt acts, abuse their powers or violate regulations.

Coming from an honest AG such instructions are boilerplate which would be well known to all members of the legal profession, including government employed lawyers. BUT from Apandi?!   Here is a man who was content to take over the office of his predecessor knowing that the dismissal of the former was illegal. A man who publicly declared that the Prime Minister was innocent of all crimes while holding up papers that proved the PM to be a mega thief. A man who accepted office in the Tabung Haji while in the post of Attorney General. How’s that for “corrupt acts” , “abuse of powers”?

As to his other No No, violating regulations, how does that sit with conniving at tearing up an application for a warrant for Najib’s arrest, authorised by his predecessor the day before he took over?

During this “conference” Apandi had some other gems to offer. Corruption, he declared, is like a termite infestation. Better get the AG’s chambers disinfected as soon as possible then! He also opined that corruption could only be cured by “self realisation” Time for

some soul-searching by Apandi and, of course, by mega thief Najib who daily bribes his supporters to keep him in office. Hard to believe that Apandi is unaware of that. The whole world knows it!

The most surprising thing about this “conference” is that it was held at all. Despite it’s unwillingness to tread on highly placed toes the MACC does exist. Why does not AG Apandi, highest placed in the Public Prosecutors offices, not order the MACC to investigate the offences of corruption by Najib to which he gave personal witness at the fateful press conference? He has not held any since! Your guess is as good as any. Cowardice? Corruption? Or gormlessness on a truly stupefying scale?


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