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New Broom?

The announcement that the Director of the Special Branch has been appointed as the new IGP has significance beyond its mere text. Not the most senior officer after former IGP Khalid his promotion must give rise to some speculation. The Special lBranch is one of the principal organs at the disposal of the government for the collection and assessment of political intelligence. While it is, in theory, supposed to concentrate its efforts on gathering intelligence on subversive political elements it has been misused by arch thief Najib and others to collect day to day legitimate political intelligence and assessments of the standing of the government with the electorate.

Any such assessments should have made dismal reading for Najib, assuming that they reflected the truth and not just what Najib wants to hear. In any case by promoting the head of the Special Branch he can continue to hear about political developments. We may also assume that whoever takes over as Director will be someone trusted to continue the relationship between Najib and the SB.

Of course the new IGP could demonstrate the independence from political direction that should be his and concentrate on restoring the efficiency and morale of the PDRM, sadly damaged by Khalid. The electorate will be watching him closely to see if that is the case or whether a mere change of hats is the only significance of this new appointment. The new broom might be reminded that an election is near. Whether he will still be IGP after it will depend on how he conducts himself and the PDRM between now and then. His predecessor will certainly be a resident of Sg. Buloh. Whether Inche Mohamad Fuzi wants to join him is up to him.

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