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Legal Eagles

An PH Assembly member, reasonably, asks why mega thief Najib is hiring US lawyers when, as he points out, equally competent Malaysian lawyers are available.

There is a misunderstanding here. Najib is not relying on foreign lawyers to defend him over his crimes in Malaysia. Someone (Shafee if he is in Malaysia and still a free man) is welcome to try.

The US lawyers Najib is hiring (with your money) are an attempt to avoid the criminal consequences in the US of the crimes Najib and his family have committed there. They will expect to be paid their usual bloated fees and Najib will further, misuse Malaysian public money stolen by him, for that purpose.

The PH government should, and no doubt are, taking all necessary steps to recover money and other assets stolen by Najib and his family and which are now in the US jurisdiction.

This is one more reason why Najib and Rosmah should now be in jail, on remand, rather than holidaying in the Prime Minister’s constituency,

Funded with stolen public money

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