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Right and Wrong

Speaking from a luxury villa on Langkawi, rather than from a remand cell in Kuala Lumpur, mega thief Najib has done the expected and blamed all his wrongdoing on his accomplices and former government subordinates.

No surprise there. Facing the rest of his life in jail it was to be expected that a rat wold try to rat on others as culpable as himself.

Absurdly Najib claimed that he knows “the difference between right and wrong”. Was this a plea for mercy in advance of his many trials or a personal admission that he knew full well that he was guilty of repeated crimes during his whole time in office? The latter one must think.

In any case such pleas are futile. He is a mega criminal and must face the punishment due to such despicable persons; however much led on by a more dominant partner. Will Rosmah agree to play the part of criminal dominatrix? Or, more likely, offer to turn State’s evidence to try to get off the hook.

It will be interesting to see. As it would be to know who is paying the Langkawi holiday bills. YOU ARE

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