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Let Justice Be Done

This venerable proverb is as valid today as when it was framed in ancient Rome. And thinking Malaysians are asking themselves, why nothing has or is being done to deal with the financial crime wave that has lasted in Sarawak for decades; despite mega public disclosure, a TOTAL absence of denial by the guilty Sarawak poilticians involved and huge annual public expenditure on policing and “justice” in that State?

When persons are accused of crime and claim innocence, they claim it. Loudly, and in the Courts. But in Sarawak?  Total silence where the only audible sound is that made by computers transferring stolen money to the offshore bank accounts of the thieves concerned.

So far as Taib and his fellow criminals, political and commercial, are concerned the silence explains itself. Why admit to mega crime when you can sell political backing to federal politicians and parties in return for immunity from investigation and prosecution and the remainder of life in jail? That is basic criminal logic and disgraceful, though easily practised when opportunity offers.

More to the point, much more, is why is apparen immunity being offered to a group of criminals such as Taib and his GPS? If the reason is to secure parliamentary support for constitutional reform that would be immoral enough, though perhaps justified in the long run provided it was followed by appropriate investigation and prosecutions. But there is no hint that would be the case. Nor, for that matter, is there any indication that, with the sands of time running out, there is any present intention to legislate in that sense.

So the observer is forced to look elsewhere for an explanation and the sight cannot be described as a pretty one. The total lack of investigation of the crimes in Sarawak committed over decades by the Taib criminal gang can be explained up to the end of the Najib criminal reign by simple criminal conspiracy.  But since? Obviously full investigation into forty plus years of mega crime cannot be completed in days or weeks, or months even  Butt no investigation at all? That goes way beyond local incompetence and other explanations must be sought.

Whether offered or not the plain fact remains that whatever claims may be offered about the need for votes in the Assembly that situation is easily remediable. With Taib and his gang in jail, where they should have been decades ago fresh Assembly elections will certainly produce the necessary majority for constitutional reform.  Time presses more heavily on some than others and the right course to take is.  Action now.

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