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Oil Puppet

Who, one has to ask, does Sarawak CM Abang Openg think he is fooling, apart from himself it goes without saying. So Sarawak will work together with Petronas to look for more oil.

Big deal! If there isn’t any new oil Petronas gets its exploration at half cost and the Sarawak taxpayer picks up that bill. If there is new oil Petronas takes it all but 5%, as at present. What a businessman Openg would make if he had to deal in anything but the remaining trees!

Meanwhile Openg announces that any demand for a bigger share in Sarawak`s oil royalty has been put on hold! Who profits from that? Not the people of Sarawak, that is for sure.

If there is one lesson to be learned from all this, and from the history of Sarawak since the Malay/Melanau minority took all political power, it is that what’s yours is mine and what’s mine remains mine.

Dayaks of the past would have known how to deal with that sort of situation. Parangs apart they could put an end to it overnight if they stopped taking petty bribes at election time and recovered the political power which, as a majority, is their right. See any flying pigs anyone?

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