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Make Up Your Mind Or Look For A Job You Can Do

The MACC chief in Sarawak seems unable to make up his mind. First he says that new instances of corruption in the State are being investigated and the next thing we hear is him saying that that there is no “new evidence” of corrupt activity!

What about the evidence from the past forty years during which Taib and his cronies have systematically robbed the State of nearly all its natural resources to their private, personal profit?  Have MACC no evidence of that? And, if not, how can they justify their salaries and even work presence in that State.

Of course what has actually happened is clear. The Sarawak MACC chief understood his bosses and Kuala Lumpur to be indicating that, at long last, action was to be taken against the mob of corrupt politicians and businessmen who have robbed the State for decades. They soon put him right!  For KL mega corruption in Sarawak is perfectly alright and not to be interfered with in any way!

We must also assume that this view is shared by the new MACC boss unless she publicly denies it.

Can the Prime Minister, who has overall responsibility for this situation, explain, preferably in the Assembly, why this state of affairs, which is a permanent disgrace both to Malaysia and to his administration, is allowed to continue unhindered? Is corruption in Sarawak, a serious criminal offence elsewhere in Malaysia, not merely permitted but not even regarded as criminal? And, if so, on what basis; lunatic or just plain illegal?

Time for a public statement. Especially with the emergence of talk of possible secession from Malaysia by some Sarawakians.

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