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Sin Chiew Daily

Or the PDRM’s house magazine? In lengthy extracts from something apparently published in this vernacular newspaper its writer oozes praise for the PDRM. Efficient. Honest. A thing Malaysians should be proud of. Etc. etc.

This article may well have been drafted at Bukit Aman and its contents are so far from the truth that they are ludicrous. Praise is heaped on the IGP Khalid for detecting that the late Mr. Kim was murdered by or on behalf of N. Korea! Who else would do that? Eskimos? Red Indians? What a genius Khalid is!

Not only did he detect the N. Koreans but he also managed to inform mega criminal Najib Razak that the then Attorney General had approved applying for a warrant of arrest against him for theft. Another triumph for the PDRM which the Sin Chiew Daily forgot to add to Khalid’s list of achievements!

If Khalid and the Najib criminal regime really want genuine publicity they should look to something most Malaysians both read and trust. No. Not the New Straits Times. Try Sarawak Report!

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