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PC Plod

Is a description applied to the archetypal stupid bumbling policeman of cartoon and literary fame. Of course he is a western invention which does not apply in Malaysia. There you have plenty of PCs with their hands out for a “present”. And also some who are not very bright. And some who are both.

But where the Malaysian police are right out in front of any competition is in having a chief who is both corrupt and stupid. Who else would ask a witness to come forward and at the same time threaten that witness with life imprisonment. Who else would describe someone as a liar hours after that person had PROVED that one is a criminal?

You guessed it. The one and only Khalid Abu Bakar. Chief (for the moment) of the PDRM. It must be humiliating for his subordinates, or at least those who are honest and hardworking, to be known to be under the orders of a chief who, while investigating the criminal Prime Minister, and knowing that a warrant for Najib’s arrest was to be applied for, betrayed that investigation and tipped off the PM. Who then saved his skin by sacking the Attorney General and replacing him with the toady Apandi.

All those hardworking and honest police officers can take comfort in the fact that Najib and Khalid’s days are numbered; and short. Soon both will be inmates of Sg. Buloh and a new IGP, from however far down the line he has to come, will clean house and start on restoring the reputation of a Force currently in the mud and out of sight.

That will not be an easy task. The rot has gone deep, as is evidenced by the fact that all current senior police officers know fully well that Khalid is a criminal but have chosen to look the other way. That is their choice and they have gambled their freedom and their pensions on it. So no hard luck stories later, please.

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