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The overt explanation for the reception of mega thief Najib Razak by President Trump emerged at the formal White House reception. One or other of America’s lobby plague told him that Najib would place vast orders for US planes and other goods.

To businessman Trump that was enough to override any doubts he may have had about receiving a thief whose thefts had been publicly described by Trump’s own Department of Justice. What is unusual in a businessman was the failure to verify in advance that the visitor actually has the money. Such a check would have at once revealed that he has not and that the planes ,and other purchases he spoke about ordering, will never fly in Malaysian skies.

More obscure are the reasons why British Prime Minister Mrs. May chose to receive Najib on his way back to Kuala Lumpur in the plane on which he had wasted millions of taxpayers money.  Of course it is a well known fact that there exists in London a coterie of businessmen who have thrived on exploiting Malaysia for almost two hundred years and are as anxious as ever to go on doing so.

Less clear is whether, and if so how much, these same gentlemen contribute to the funds of the ruling Conservative party. It is not likely that Mrs. May will enlighten the electorate on that but she may, and probably will, be asked in Parliament why she received such a world class crook at all.

Without condemning the UK mission in Kuala Lumpur as totally useless and uninformed she will not be able to deny that she knows exactly who and what Najib is. Why then receive him? Can any mega crook wanting to buy out dated arms get into No.10? Or is it just the friends of Mr Marland who have the golden key? Mrs, May will not answer here but she will have to at Westminster.

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