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Vote Rigging

There is an alternative meaning to this phrase. It means, in effect, vote blocking and it is being practised by the Election Commission.

Perhaps the Charman of the Commission is unaware of the reason for the existence of his Commission? It is if course to ensure that those entitled to vote can do so, that no election foul play is allowed to take place and that all elections faithfully represent the will of the voters concerned.

On all these counts the Commission has failed miserably and allowed many voters to form the opinion that it exists only to arrange matters so that UMNO always wins.

By refusing even to consider a request that voters from Borneo constituencies be allowed postal votes to avoid the trouble, difficulty and very considerable expense of returning home to vote the Chairman demonstrates his unwillingness to do his job or perhaps that he does not even understand what it is he has to do.

Giving as his excuse for refusing this reasonable request he could do no better than to say that, if approved, it would also have to apply to voters in peninsular constituencies! Why not? More work for the Commission and less time to enjoy salaries and perquisites?

Everyone knows the real reason. If the request were approved BN would suffer large losses and that is something which the “independent” Commission wants to avoid at all costs; including making public fools of themselves at best and suspicion of less worthy motives as the likely explanation

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