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The Biter Bit

Rather late in the day arch thief Najib and his legal advisers appear to have woken up to the danger posed by Anwar Ibrahim’s suit to overturn his “conviction” by the Court of Appeal following his High Court trial acquittal. As recently as the 21st. of last month Najib did not even bother to be represented when Anwar’s application was mentioned in Court.

Still certain of his judges then? Or so cocky that he still thinks the world revolves round him and that he is all powerful. Tell that to the DOJ. Tell that to the Swiss courts. Tell that to the Singapore courts. His legal “advisers” must be negligent or ill-informed to an amazing degree if they have not spelt out to him his legal position and eventual, State funded, permanent accommodation.

Of course if there was any believable explanation for the payment to lawyer Shafee of RM 9 million it would long ago have been made public. So it must be assumed it was tied to the certainty of a conviction. And how could that be assured even with perjured evidence about the “crime”?

So it is not unreasonable to wonder if this enormous “fee” was necessary to ensure a conviction. Even if that had to be obtained after the event from the ”higher” courts. The whole sordid invention stinks to high heaven and would ruin the reputations of its author, and bit players. If they still had any to lose; not the case here.

As a side point it is mildly amusing to note that the Attorney General said to have approved Shafee’s role as prosecutor later found himself stopped outside his chambers by Najib’s thugs and told he had been sacked overnight. The biter bit again.

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