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Violating Oaths

The businessman who is trying to get arch criminal Najib and his accomplice Zahid dismissed from office because they “violated their Constitutional oaths” is acting in a praiseworthy manner but his initiative is doomed to failure.

Why? Simply because whether he succeeds in the High Court, as he should and may, such a judgment will be appealed to the Court of Appeal by master crooks Najib and Zahid where they will certainly win. Not because of any legal considerations but because they aways do. Even a little matter like overturning an acquittal in the Anwar case troubled this “Court” not.

And even if they had followed the law, instead of instructions, and or inducements, there was always the Federal Court to settle matters the way Najib wanted them. In any case it is doubtful if any judgment of the Federal Court in which Inche Raus took part could be legal simply because he is sitting there in defiance of the Constitution, with the connivance of Najib and the covering approval of the Yang di Pertuan Agong.

Violating oaths is certainly a shocking thing but viewed beside the mass of mega crimes this pair of crooks have committed it will come a long way down the charge sheet. What it may mark, if it ever allowed to be heard, is the death of justice in Malusia

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