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Words of Truth and Sanity

A leading politician from the Malaysian Chinese community has sensibly spoken out about corruption in Malaysia. Speaking directly to the MACC he urges it and its management not to continue to ignore the 1MDB scandal.

He ponts out, correctly, that the full details of this disgraceful affair have been published world wide but NOT in Malaysia.

If arch thief Najib and his accomplices in politics, the public service and the judiciary think that by this censorship they can conceal their criminal involvement they are very much mistaken.

Everyone in Malaysia knows who MO1 in the US DOJ statements is. If they did not before they did after one of the mega crook’s own Ministers admitted in public that MO1 is Najib himself. It is impossible that MACC are not aware of all these facts.

Why then do they not act? It is their duty to do so. By failing to act they make themselves accessories after the fact and thus liable to criminal conviction and punishment. And that WILL happen to those responsible when the next government takes power.

If any MACC officer wishes to avoid that fate he or she should resign NOW and say why. Retrospective restitution of status is assured when the electorate have spoken. Yes it takes guts to act. Does MACC have them?

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