"Clare's dogged (and to some, more that a little annoying) persistence and an incredible nose for the fishy stuff, uncovered the heist of the century.  The explosive exposés  rocked the nation, and precipitated the fall of the Malaysian government for the first time in 60 years."
Tony Pua, Member of Parliament for Damansara, Malaysia

Investigating the deforestation of Sarawak, Borneo, and the dispossession of its people, journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown followed a trail of corruption that led her to the heart of Malaysian politics and to Prime Minister Najib Razak himself. Determined that the public should know the truth, she started a blog, which became Malaysia's go-to news outlet for information that the government was trying to suppress – and whistleblowers wanted to get out. She was soon running a radio station too...

Full story in The Sarawak Report book to be launched on September 8, 2018


Made In Russia!

Just weeks before Malaysia goes to the polls, automated accounts known as bots are flooding Twitter with tens of thousands of pro-government and anti-opposition messages, according to a review of the tweets by Reuters and a US digital media research institute.

Asked about the matter, San Francisco-based Twitter Inc said it was focused on identifying and suspending accounts that violate its spam policies.

A source close to the matter said the company had suspended 500 accounts involved in the messages on the May 9 general election since they involved spam or malicious automation…

Ahmad Maslan, the information technology bureau chairman of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Umno, said he did not know who was behind the bot activity and that it was not his team.  The government’s communications and multimedia minister Salleh Said Keruak did not respond to calls or text messages seeking comment.

A researcher at the Digital Forensic Research (DFR) Lab of the Washington-based Atlantic Council think tank said over 17,000 bots tweeted content related to the Malaysian election over the last week.

Nine of the top 10 most active bot accounts containing anti-opposition hashtags and pro-government messages had Russian-sounding names and used the Cyrillic script, said Donara Barojan, a research associate at DFR…


Some tweets had photos of BN supporters carrying party flags and “I love PM” signs.

The tweets also include hashtags: either BN’s campaign slogans or anti-opposition phrases or both. The hashtags that express disapproval of the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan include ‘#SayNoToPH’ and ‘#KalahkanPakatan’, which means “Defeat Pakatan” in Malay.



Our comment

Once again BN’s affliction of too much misappropriated money/no brains has shown the party up.

Someone dialed up Moscow with a mass order for those handy cyber-tools that are now being credited (see the latest court case) with winning 2016 for Donald Trump and the Brexit campaign in the UK.

However, they forgot to check the details on the bargain bulk offer (doubtless costing tens of millions of dollars) and baffled Malaysians are now receiving these promotional Tweets from unknown entities printed in Cyrillic!

Perhaps we should explain to the dunder-heads in the BN PR Department.  This is what is generally described as a bit of a give-away!

How BN Achieved It's Latest Endorsement

Rubber glove tycoon Stanley Thai, the managing director of Supermax Corp Bhd Group, has issued a public apology to caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak for supporting the opposition in the 13th general election.

“I am hereby calling this press conference to make a formal apology to our prime minsiter Najib. Again the main purpose of this press conference is to apologise to Najib and BN for what I had done in the 13th general election.

“I regret that in GE13, I believe I was influenced by the opposition. Being a businessperson, I should not be involved in politics under any circumstances, and I regret it,” he said at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today…

Following the results of GE13, the Employee’s Provident Fund sold off its shares in Supermax, with share prices taking a hit.

Later in 2014, Thai was charged for insider trading. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment last November. He is currently appealing his conviction.

Our comment

What more can anyone say about a situation that speaks for itself?

The Truth Is The Atomic Bomb Of Media Warfare

 The armed forces’ veterans organisation has classified Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s admission that Pakatan Harapan has sought the assistance of the foreign media to raise issues related to 1MDB as a potential national security threat.

In a statement, the organisation’s national executive council, said “We feel that such actions can threaten national security and the good image of the nation among other countries.

“Such continued action can threaten national security and economic growth which would lead to Malaysians suffering as a whole regardless of their political leanings.

“We urge that the irresponsible action of tarnishing the country’s good image and name be stopped immediately because it would crush the harmony and peace we have built together.

“Let internal politics remain within the country and be free of foreign intervention,” added the council……

Among others, Mahathir was accused of enlisting the foreign media such as Sarawak Report (and its editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown) to achieve his agenda.

The 1MDB scandal erupted in 2015 after the Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Reportpublished about the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s personal accounts, which was linked to 1MDB.

Our comment

To use an analogy these army veterans might understand, the Truth represents the Atomic Bomb in the battle for public opinion.

Najib may employ thousands of cyber-troopers, engage dozens of political agencies, pour out propaganda from controlled media and distribute billions in bribes.  However, a small voice that tells the truth can outpower all of these and smash the lies and cover-ups, by explaining facts that can be clearly understood.

Sarawak Report’s coverage has not been hired.  It is simply a single blog written out of disgust over the corruption of the present Malaysian regime and the damage and misery this has caused to innocent peoples and a beautiful place on the planet.

We set out to show those people the reason why so much dysfunctional bad government has taken place: the reason being that decision-makers like Najib have been running things to enrich themselves rather than benefit the nation.

We wonder why these ‘spokesmen for veterans’ consider this to be dangerous to anyone besides those who are telling lies?

Bribes Begin

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has announced that all civil servants will receive a bonus salary increment, equivalent to one annual raise effective July 1.

Najib said this will involve a cost of RM1.46 billion.

This was among a slew of goodies Najib announced for civil servants at a special address in Putrajaya today.

Among the other benefits included a one-off pension raise of one percent effective July 1, in addition to the two percent raise given in January.

“Even the 93-year-old retiree will get this,” Najib said in a veiled jab at his archnemesis Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Pakatan Harapan chairperson.

Our comment

Subtlety has never been Najib Razak’s strong point.

To give him his due, he sees no merit in being subtle. No one has ever hauled him up and charged him over a life-time of blatant political bribery as he has hawked cash payments on the hustings time and again.

So, he wants people to know they owe him.

On the other hand, it would appear that his targets may be wising up as to the origin of the blandishments that he is handing out, which is of course their own back pockets – their pensions and their future prosperity.

They are also starting to realise that for every RM1k that comes back to them as an election bribe RM10k is siphoned off in selfish enrichments for the chosen few. Mere voters are getting the chicken feed from Najib’s mass grabs of money – the lionshare of their own money has gone to him and his cohorts.

'Fake News' Ban To Hit South China Morning Post?

Communication and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak has cited a March 30 report in the South China Morning Post(SCMP) as a prime example of fake news.

The article was titled “Why are foreign leaders snubbing Najib ahead of Malaysia’s election?”

Salleh quoted the newspaper as claiming that the usual beeline of VIPs coming to Malaysia had come to a crawl and if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is unable to bring in a big name soon, he would be open to criticism that Malaysia’s international standing had fallen under his watch.

“This is a prime example of fake news. And that is not a matter of opinion – it is a fact, as I will show,” he added.

Salleh said apart from the widely observed practice of foreign leaders not making official visits to a country just before an election for fear of being seen to interfere in the country’s internal democratic process, the Malaysian government has actually declined foreign visits for that reason.

Our comment

Malaysia’s newly self-appointed ‘Truth Czar’, Salleh Keruak, has decreed that SCMP has committed a ‘Fake News’ violation, by suggesting that foreign leaders are not sufficiently admiring of Malaysia’s Dear Leader (Najib).

The paper suggested that potential high level visitors have been shunning Malaysia, whereas Salleh has now truthfully clarified that in fact Najib has been turning them away, since he would not wish to unfairly boost his own election chances [pause for laughter].

So, will this matter become the first prosecution under the ‘Fake News’ legislation so fresh from the parliamentary stamping shop?  After a day’s debate and with PAS so eagerly agreeing with its UMNO friends, the law is now in place.

The SCMP report may have just got under the wire on timing, but in Malaysia you never know.

Maybe criminal charges and an extradition request is already winging its way to the Hong Kong police, naming the offending journalist?  Perhaps, the SCMP will now be banned in Malaysia and join Sarawak Report as blocked online?

Malaysians can look forward to relying further on their own truthful government propaganda, produced by Salleh at the Ministry of Truth, in order to better understand the facts and the world around them.

And PAS will remind the faithful to remember to thank Najib in their prayers.

Fake News Alert! - More From The Najib Repeat Denials Factory

SRC International Sdn Bhd says the RM4 billion borrowed from the Retirement Fund (KWAP) is accounted for in its balance sheet, in accordance with the standard accounting and governance practices.

“None of it was misappropriated as claimed by those with malicious intent,” it said in a statement rebutting a media report that claimed that the funds had been misappropriated.

“We strongly reject these allegations. Having conducted an internal investigation, we believe these claims were based on documents that were fabricated, therefore representing a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.”

To recap, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is still investigating SRC over the RM4 billion fund. It had said recently that the case could be completed before the end of the year…..


In the interests of full disclosure, SRC is asking the Attorney-General’s Chambers to conduct a full investigation into these claims and the alleged charge sheet published by Sarawak Report, which is currently banned in Malaysia, and fund flows diagrams published by an online media.

“We ask that the parties responsible for these fabrications be identified, given that their authenticity was denied by the MACC on August 3.”

These false allegations represent a serious attack on SRC, which resulted in negative financial and reputational repercussions for its business, it said.

Our comment

Perhaps the Attorney General will repeat his previous unsucessful attempts to persuade INTERPOL to issue a terror alert internation arrest red notice against Sarawak Report  for having suggested that Najib stole this money from SRC?

It was, of course, the Attorney General who waved the offending money trails in front of snapping cameras as he exhibited the MACC investigation papers into SRC. The trails showed the money pouring into Najib’s own accounts at AmBank.

BSI Bank has closed down following  Singapore court cases into SRC accounts amongst other 1MDB related scams and in November 2011 USD170 million wss funnelled out of SRC, through Julius Baer Hong Kong and then back into Najib’s private AmBank account in KL.  The Swiss have referred also to the missing SRC billions.

It would help if SRC and its ducking and diving Chief Executive Nik Faisal Arif Kamil would produce an Annual Report of some kind, however it gave up on such formalities in 2012.

So, who is producing the Fake News over SRC, Najib and his hirelings or the rest of the world?  Put another way, who has the motive to lie and who has been producing the facts?

Will Malays Buy Najib's Chicken Feed?

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today launched the national level “Jimat Belanja Dapur” (Reducing grocery bills) programme implemented by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority.

He said the programme, which was similar to the “Jualan Sentuhan Rakyat” programme organised by the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, benefited all strata of people nationwide by selling goods at cheaper prices compared to market prices.

“Under the JBD programme, there are 27 items sold with cheaper prices of between five and 20 percent compared to market prices, for example, cabbage that is normally sold at RM3.50 per kg in the market is sold at RM2, eggs per package of RM11 is sold at RM8.50 here.

“Even whole chicken is sold here for RM10, while the normal price is RM8 to RM9 per kg, we have many more items sold at cheap prices, and we hope more people get this benefit,” he said when launching the JBD programme in Pekan today.

Our comment

Sarawak Report confirms that it is absolute FAKE NEWS to suggest that Najib Razak is going round markets offering cheap chickens because he is about to call an election.  After all, that would be a clear admission that he thinks Malay voters are cheaply bought.

More seriously, he appears to think that Malaysia’s armed forces are even more easily hoodwinked.  After all, the Prime Minister is about to force one of Malaysia’s bravest opposition leaders into jail for resisting an illegal attempt to make an Auditor General’s report an official secret.

The ‘secret’ released by Rafizi Ramli related to the Prime Minister/Finance Minister’s multi-million ringgit shennanigans to bail out 1MDB at the expense of the armed services pension fund.  Owing to the scandalous scam, which Najib wanted kept quiet, army pensioners were receiving payments late.

Yet up pops the Prime Minister at an army function this week, together with top generals, to lecture the troops that they must vote BN back in again, out of ‘gratitude’ for what ‘the government’ has done for them (men who have offered their lives to protect that very same government in return for a promised pension, amongst other things).

So, it is surely also FAKE NEWS to suggest that solidiers are more than likely motivated to punish Mr Najb, rather than thank him with their precious votes!

Salleh Just Defined "Fake News"!

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak has denied that the anti-fake news law is aimed at silencing debate on the 1MDB.

“But this is not true. There is nothing to stop anyone from debating or talking about 1MDB,” Salleh said in a blog posting this morning in response to critics.

However, he said, the issue is when a person spreads false information as “news” and “facts”.

“For example, we keep hearing ‘news’ that RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money has ‘disappeared’ into thin air when this has been officially explained and proven false.

“The bigger issue here is to deal with the irresponsible spread of such fake ‘news’ and ‘facts’, which applies to many other situations in our lives,” he added.

Salleh pointed out that when a lie is repeated many times, the people believe it to be the truth.

Our comment

The Communications Minister himself has now confirmed what everyone has suspected, which is that the ‘Fake News’ bill is all about protecting Najib Razak over the 1MDB scandal and all his other corruptions. To silence the critics and cover-up.

The problem is that the world can see that it is all these cover-ups that are the Fake News, as Salleh’s claims and antics become all the more contradictory and ridiculous.

On this occasion he is claiming that ‘Fake News’ providers are saying that RM42 million “disappeared into thin air”.  In fact, what people are saying is that the money was traced by MACC investigators from 1MDB’s subsidiary SRC into Najib’s bank account, where amongst other things it was used to pay for a very wasteful and ineffective anti-ageing treatment for his wife.

We know this, because the documents have been leaked and the details corroborated, including the cheque paid to the anti-ageing doctor in that particular case, which was confirmed by his alternative medicine association boss.

Not only that, Salleh’s own Attorney General waved the MACC papers that showed the same money trail in front of cameras at the very press conference Salleh is referring to when he says “this has been officially explained and proven false”.

As the facts pile up world-wide in this 1MDB investigation, amidst asset seizures, court rulings, jail sentences and all the rest.  Salleh and Najib are left only bleating ‘Fake News, Fake News’.

It has become a very sad joke at the expense of the dignity of Malaysia.

Answering Questions In Court Is What This Cop Can't Afford!

The cost of retrieving the A$320,000 (approximately RM1 million) seized by Australian authorities was too prohibitive for Bukit Aman CID chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd.

According to inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun, Wan Ahmad does wish to retrieve the sum but could not afford to do so.

“He wants (the money back). That is his right. But to him, the procedure (involved)… will cost him a lot more money,” he told a press conference in Bukit Aman today..,,

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Federal Police alleged that the money channelled into Wan Ahmad’s bank account contained laundered money or proceeds of crime.

There was a large number of deposits in the bank account for about a month, with each deposit being under A$10,000 – the threshold which would have red-flagged the account.

Our comment

Shame on this IGP for not immediately sacking the top cop who dares not step into an Australian witness box to explain how a million ringgit ended up being anonymously sneaked into his bank account.

Here is none other than the Head of CID, responsible for clearing up organised crime all over Malaysia, himself the subject of an enquiry about a huge sum of unnaccounted cash and he claims it would be ‘too expensive’ to claim it back.

What this cop can’t afford is to be forced to answer questions in front of a judge in court, so he would rather surrender the million ringgit after being caught red handed and hide back in KL.

Would he allow any of the fellons he caught red handed in this manner to get away with such a thing?  Malaysians will be forgiven for now thinking maybe yes he would…. as long as they pay a large sum into an Australian bank account, no questions asked.

Unless this top cop steps forward and answers for this million ringgit bank account, Malaysians would also be forgiven for concluding that the worst criminals are those running the country and these top cops are now part of the crime syndicate in charge.

They ought to all be fired.