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It's Called Censorship and Salleh Mulls Totalitarian Tactics Too

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry is considering a proposal to require eligible online news portals to register with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Minister Salleh Said Keruak said the idea was to make news portals in the country more responsible and enable the MCMC to determine the volume of visitors to such portals.

The matter was in the final stage of discussion before being presented to the Attorney-General’s Chambers by the end of this year, he said to reporters after presenting the prizes for the Merdeka 2017 Instagram (Photo and Video) Competition and launching the album of the Patriots band in Kuala Lumpur.

Special Affairs Department (Jasa) director-general Mohd Puad Zarkashi was also present at the event.

“Registration will be based on certain criteria which will determine whether the news portals are eligible for registration or otherwise. Upon registration, all the news portals will be subject to the laws of the Communications and Multimedia Act, and this will facilitate control and monitoring by MCMC,” said Salleh.

He said that besides the registration of the print media, the registration of online media was also the practice in other countries, including Singapore.

Our comment

What a surprise, Minister Salleh Keruak, who achieved promotion as Najib’s most enthusiastic cheerleader, promoting all manner of gross untruths throughout the scandal over 1MDB, wants to censor those who have been by and large disseminating truth.

Salleh wants to be able to decide who gets to host a website and what they get to put on it.

Not only does he want this access to censorship, he also wants to achieve a totalitarian control by monitoring who reads what on these sites as well.

Since Salleh is not the greatest brain and since he has been shown to be a repeat promoter of self-serving lies on behalf of a criminal conspiracy to steal billions from the public, this is a deeply worrying power he ought not have. Even were he to be a sensible and honest person, such weapons should never be available to fall into the hands of villains.

He justifies it by saying that other notoriously oppressive states use these weapons already.

Is Salleh hoping to rush in these controls, so that he can silence the online media before the election?  You bet he is!

Forget PKR, What About Turmoil In PAS?

The turmoil in PKR has worsened with the sacking of Kelantan Youth chief Mohd Hafidz Rizal Amran via WhatsApp today.

Hafidz received the message from the party’s Youth chief, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, this morning.

“I received a WhatsApp message from Nik Nazmi at 9.08am, stating that I’ve been sacked with immediate effect from the post of Kelantan Youth chief. I will issue a statement soon,” he wrote on Facebook.

The matter was confirmed by Nik Nazmi with The Malaysian Insight.

Our comment

If there is confusion in PKR about whether it’s worth trying to maintain good working relations with its former ally (following PAS’s unilateral severing of ties between the parties back in May) what about the rank and file members of PAS?

It was the President Hadi and the Syura Council who triggered the split, in the latest of a long line of decisions designed to break down PAS’s working relationships with its former politcal allies and apparently move the party towards cooperation with UMNO instead.

The change of direction has already split PAS in two, forcing the moderate and secular leaders out to form Amanah, which has devastatingly taken half of PAS’s votes in subsequent by-elections.  Most leaders would be appalled by such damage, but Hadi has carried on bulldozing alliances, which were painstakingly built over many years.

Indeed, PAS rank and file and PAS voters must sigh with ever greater anxiety each time the leadership makes further needless enemies out of their former friends, driving the party further into a hardline rump of extremists with their Islamic State agenda. The debates in PKR must rate nothing compared to those questions within PAS.

So, Hadi should start looking over his own shoulder and counting how many people actually remain behind him as he throws away yet more past friends and apparenly places all his bets on his new “mature cooperation” with Najib’s scandal soaked UMNO/BN alliance.

Ungrateful Voters - Zahid Had Better Get Used To It!

The lack of gratitude for those who brought about development and foreign direct investment (FDI) is the reason behind several states falling into the hands of others, said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

“There were states which we once developed or emerged as developed states, which fell into other’s hands because there is no gratefulness,” he said when officiating a rural development convention in Kuala Lumpur this evening.

“When we urbanised these rural areas, when we transformed these areas, it was costly…(but) the people who benefitted from the development were not thankful to those who made the effort,” he added.

Our comment

A certain type of politician is always eager to blame others for their failures, but rarely does one who is seeking re-election blame voters.

It is a rule of democratic politics that voters have to be right, since after all they are the boss and the job is in their gift.

BN politicians are awfully keen of course on turning all this on its head and acting like the grand givers towards the humble voters, whom they expect to show grovelling gratitude and burn sacrifices of thanks for their munificence.

However, people know that it was not Zahid who brought development, either through his own money or his own toil.  Whilst Zahid has enjoyed the perks and power of office, the entire world around has been developing too and much of it far faster than  Malaysia (see South Korea/Japan, both far poorer countries in terms of resources).

Were it not for the selfish policies and corruption of Zahid’s party the average Malaysian taxpayer, who has funded all his ‘development policies’ and a lot more besides, would be immesurably better off.

That is why many of the more informed areas in Malaysia have indeed started voting Zahid’s party out.  They owe BN no duty whatsoever. Like any boss they have seen that Zahid and his friends are poor and ineffective employees, who have also been stealing around the house and so they have fired them.

To be accused of being ungrateful is hardly going to attract voters back into hiring them again.

Proof The DOJ Has Stopped Investigating 1MDB??!

The US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) suspension of its civil suits against 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) shows there is a lack of evidence of wrongdoing by the state investment fund, says the Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications team.

“Civil suits related to this case which started a year ago, which has essentially gone nowhere without sufficient evidence, are now frozen,” said its deputy director Datuk Eric See-To in a statement on Friday.

He added that the civil action against 1MDB, without sufficient evidence, signalled the political motivation of individuals from the previous US administration.

He stressed that it was important to note that 1MDB “is not a party to the DoJ’s civil suits.”

“As far as 1MDB is concerned, all its funds have been accounted for, in addition to the Malaysia Attorney-General’s statements after the DoJ filings that there has been no evidence of any misappropriation of funds,” he said.

Our comment

It is not surprising these government spokespeople are lying in the face of mountains of documented evidence, since the Najib adminstration has turned blatant misinformation and rejection of the truth into its trademark.

Like most criminals in the dock they will continue to plead not guilty until the judge and jury finds them otherwise.

The DOJ spokespeople have stayed the proceedings of the civil case, because that means they can get on with their active parallel criminal investigation at their leisure with the assets still frozen and out of the reach of Riza, Jho and all the rest.  This is how they put it:

The United States makes this Motion on the ground that proceeding with the case is likely to have an adverse effect on the ability of the government to conduct a related federal criminal investigation….. The government seeks a stay pending the resolution of a related federal criminal investigation arising from the same fact alleged in the First Amended Complain on the grounds that proceeding with the instant action is likley to have an adverse effect on the government’s ability to conduct the related criminal investigation”

Trying to pretend that this means anything other than that criminal investigations are ongoing and that the FBI are happy to keep assets frozen for as long as those take represents no more than a refusal to read the print on the page by Najib’s circle.

Relying again on insinutations that new law enforcers are friendly to Najib unlike old ones, again merely betrays BN’s fundamental failure to understand the basic principles of modern democratic governance, which demand that the executive keeps its nose and manipulative interferences out of judicial processes.

Najib Compares His Malaysia To Iraq Under Sadam Hussein??

“Changing the government is not a solution, if it is better, then it makes sense … if worse, more disaster and more uncertainties … that’s a stupid thing to do … Sorry, have to say it.

“My doctor at the IJN (National Heart Institute) informed me about this Iraqi patient who when asked if it was better then or now, he said even that even under hated President Saddam Hussein, at least they had food on the table, children could go to school, and the country was safe.

“However, look at it now, it’s all destroyed.

“Changing an existing government does not guarantee better governance,” Najib was quoted as saying by the national news agency.

Yesterday, the prime minister told the Parit Umno division annual meeting that only powerless parties that wanted to topple the government engaged in fear politics.

The national news agency cited Najib as saying Umno, as the ruling party, did not need to play “politics of fear” as this would only destroy the people’s hopes.

“We will be in disarray, disorganised, uncertain, aimless (if resorting to politics of fear), Umno will continue to give hope for the people because it has been proven that for the 60 years Umno has been in power, we are the party that has done a lot of deeds and brought changes to Malaysia,” he had said.

In his speech today, Najib also emphasised how Malaysia was not a failed state contrary to claims by the opposition.

Our comment

So, Najib has just compared his governance of Malaysia to the murderous dictatorship of Iraq under Sadam Hussein, which finally provoked disastrous foreign intervention – or is he just warning of further things to come?

Many will agree that Malaysia is already on the road towards a nasty Middle Eastern-style dictatorship, what with the Prime Minister’s repeated violations of the constitution always with the purpose of securing his own position, preventing investigations into corruption and keeping loyal people in key positions that ought to be independent.

It is called abuse of power and once embarked upon it can lead a country down a very steep and dangerous slope. This is what people ought to be fearful of, because the consequences can indeed be war, famine, primitive conditions – certainly the loss of liberty.

The peaceful transition of power from one party to another, on the other hand, as provided for every five years by Malaysia’s consitution, is the best way to avoid such conflicts, since it allows the people to get rid of uselss, corrupt and discredited leaders in a polite and peaceful manner.

By seeking to block democratic change and inciting fear amongst voters in this way, it is Najib who creating danger for Malaysia and setting it further towards the path of dictatorship, doom and disaster!

Plenty Of Positions In The Permanent Opposition Parties

Dr Mahathir Mohamad may have been accepted among Pakatan Harapan leaders, but his five eventful terms as prime minister has made him a divisive figure among opposition supporters who attended a forum on his role in Harapan.

Organised by Kelab Bangsar Utama, the forum titled “Mahathir: Agent of Change or Agent of Destruction?” last night pitted opposition figures and activists organised into two opposing camps.

The audience of more than 150 people also seemed to reflect that divide, with many vocally lambasting Mahathir’s role in Harapan while others seemed content to applaud the camp supporting Mahathir’s leadership role in the coalition.

Among the most vocal critics were Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) leader S Arutchelvam who specifically slammed the arguments from social activist Hishamuddin Rais, who was one of the speakers supporting Mahathir’s position in Harapan.

Hishamuddin said Mahathir was the only one among the opposition leaders now who had clout with powerhouses from the corporate world as well as with the royalty.

Arutchelvam mockingly said that he now knows the real reason Harapan accepted Mahathir into its coalition: to make phone calls to powerful people.

At the end of his tirade, about half of the crowd burst into applause, with several shouting, “Arul for prime minister”.



Our comment

Arul is never going to be prime minister, for better or for worse. After many years his party has one seat, won under the banner of PKR.

But S Arutchelvam is very welcome to his purist views. He is the sort of person who might have remained a consciencious objector, refusing to take up arms against tyranny in the Second World War.

We understand the determination of those who are willing to always remain on the sidelines and tick off others for their imperfections – we need to be reminded always there are better and worse ways of doing things.

However, in times of clear and present danger, in the face of impending tyranny, such as Malaysia now encounters, the rest of the people have to make a decision and take a stand.

Arul will be in the opposition today and he will be in the opposition tomorrow – what is worrying Malaysians is who is in government today and whether he will still be in government tomorrow.

If people do nothing like Arul, unless it is done by his chosen book, Najib will remain that person.

Najib Admits 'Problem' With 1MDB

The opposition is blowing out of proportion the plight facing state fund 1MDB as a means to topple the government, Najib Razak today told an audience of hundreds of local and foreign investors.

“Although 1MDB certainly has a problem, some politicians have blown it up in their attempt to sabotage the company,” the prime minister said in his keynote address at the Invest Malaysia 2017 conference.

He said efforts to redress the situation were being carried out.

“Instead of running from the problem, we ordered an investigation of the company on a scale unprecedented in the history of our nation. Instead of spending money to cover it up – the method employed by a former leader – I instructed a rationalisation of the company….

1MDB has been investigated in several countries for alleged money laundering and embezzlement involving billions of dollars.

Our comment

Back in 2015, when CEO Arul Kanda announced that instead of floating 1MDB, he and boss Najib had decided to ‘wind it up’, he claimed this was because the fund had ‘already successfully achieved all its objectives’.

If its objectives are agreed as having been to channel billions of dollars of public money into Najib’s pocket and that of his cronies, then that summation is correct.

On every other count the fund had been a devastating, debt-ridden failure, owing to those staggering thefts.  Instead of euphemistically referring to “problems” Najib should refer to criminal misappropriations, were he honest.

But, 1MDB has shown Najib to be anything but honest and therefore the last person anyone would trust with their invesments.

He should stop wingeing about the opposition pointing out this fact.  He has only himself to blame.

Emperor Najib Thinks 'His People' Are Stupid

The opposition may have set its eyes on Johor in the next general election but Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is not taking it lying down.

Attending a grand Hari Raya open house in Sembrong tonight, Najib was flanked by top Umno leaders including vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein, who is the constituency’s MP.

Najib’s purpose was clear as he declared: “We come here today to ensure that the land of Sembrong will remain firmly in the hands of BN”.

The prime minister then went on to say that he would “pay the bills” for the people of Sembrong, but requested that they also repay him.

“Today, coming here should have been free, there shouldn’t be a need to pay anything.

“But looks like Hishammuddin had sent me the bill even before I arrived here… I was cornered,” he said in jest.

Najib then announced the construction of 1,000 units of people’s public housing in two phases, 500 homes for second generation Felda settlers and the upgrading of Taman Sri Lambak police kiosk into a full-fledged police station.

“So, with three projects, I have paid the bill for this meeting with the people of Sembrong. I have fulfilled your wishes, now you’ll need to fulfil mine,” he said.

Najib subsequently asked what his wish may be, to which the audience at Taman Sri Lambak stadium responded that it was to win Sembrong.

Our comment

So here he is at it again.  People can look forward to a great deal more of the Grand Emperor Najib handing out ‘projects’ and pay outs between now and the next election and demanding that people vote for him in return.

This is not his money, it is what he is giving people back out of their money and a very great deal of it was secretly stolen from them at that.

The vast majority of the money he stole has gone on him, his greedy wife and his co-conspirators to splurge on properties, movies, yachts, grand master paintings, the most lavish wedding in Asia, jets – you name it.

These humble consituents, who have been robbed, are merely being promised a tiny bit of compensation in return for the loss of their chances to become a developed nation any time soon.

Najib is only too happy for them to stay poor and grateful for a bag of rice, so that he can rule, his wife wallow in diamonds and his sons pour the world’s most expensive champagne down their throats.

Make clear, Najib did not pay for these constituency parties, as he likes to claim. He has channelled public money into his personal accounts and now he is trying to bribe the real hosts with their own cash.

Again, who do people think is paying for those projects, Najib himself?  The Prime Minister may trumpet a row of houses here or there, but people should consider what they could have had if Najib had not stolen some RM41 billion from them through 1MDB alone (which all needs to be paid back with heavy interest).

Over a hundred free hospitals could have been built and proper schools for the next generation. Think about that.

Najib will pump out his message of munificence through blanket propaganda on TV and the print media, then we will find out if he is right about Malaysians being stupid and his ability to cheat the election registers to ensure he triumphs.

But his dedak followers need to remember, Najib is a proven disaster in charge of Malaysia’s economy – as well as being a lousy thief, caught red handed in the act.  If they let him he will take down the prosperity of the nation with him and the ringgit he bribed them with will soon plummet to the value of a Baht or even Rupiah, note for note.