Have Faith And Thou Shalt Receive Also Of The Stolen Dedak

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has done Malaysia proud in the eyes of the Muslim world, which is why the Arabs donated money to the prime minister, said an Umno delegate.

Federal Territories Umno delegate Rizuan Abd Hamid, who was debating the motion on religion and education at the Umno annual general assembly today, pointed out Malaysia is known in the eyes of the world as a leading promoter of the halal industry.

Citing relevant figures, he said the halal industry market is worth US$2.3 trillion and Malaysian products alone are expected to be worth US$41 billion this year.

The International Trade and Industry Ministry earlier this year announced exports of halal products from January to September last year totalled RM31.1 billion.

Thanking Najib for this, Rizuan said Malaysia’s achievements in the area show how great the country is in the eyes of the world.

“Why? Because it is led by Najib as prime minister. Muslims around the world respect our prime minister.

“That’s why the Saudi prince gave money to Najib to be used in the elections. It was not for his own use,” he stressed.

Our comment

So what is this Saudi Royal’s name?

And why has Najib not sued the FBI, which examined all the dollar bank records which have to be cleared through the United States, and concluded the money went from 1MDB’s account to Najib’s in three swift moves?

This is self-serving blind faith by delegates, who know the more they heap public praise on Najib the more of the stolen dedak Rosmah will pay into their pockets.

Each should be aware of the deadly effects of contamination of this dedak – one day they will wish they had resisted the temptation of money they know was stolen from an angry Rakyat.

And Najib ought not to brag to the Arab world, whilst allowing respected figures like the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to be slandered as a ‘plotter’ by his bloggers for moving to stop the 1MDB thefts.

Why This Unbecoming Talk?

“God willing, we will fight until the death and until the last drop of blood,” Najib told delegates, who had earlier greeted him with enthusiastic applause, signalling their support for his leadership.

“Please realise my (Malay) race, do not falter for a moment as we are facing unprecedented challenges,” he added.

Ruslee Bedol, a delegate from southern Johor state, told AFP that UMNO had already started preparing for a vote and said “we expect elections in the next six months.”

UMNO has dominated multi-cultural Malaysia for decades, enshrining policies that favour the Malay majority.

But the large ethnic Chinese minority and a new generation of other voters have flocked to the opposition in disgust over racial politics and persistent accusations of corruption and democratic abuses.

But since former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was jailed in 2015 on sodomy charges, the political opposition has fractured.

Our comment

Donald Trump was bad enough, but even he did not talk of fighting to the death and spilling blood in a democratic election.

The Malays have nothing to fear if a Malay dominated opposition wins the election – why should they cease to support rural folk?

With some of the people who run Penang largely corruption free these days joining in that progressive team people should further find that the leeching from public funds by greedy UMNO warlords will also stop and there will be more money available.

So, why this desperate talk as if the world would end from Najib? The only people who have anything to fear from UMNO losing power are the thieves and worse, who have been driving the state into bankruptsy and locking up their critics and opposition leaders under Najib.


UMNO's True Colours...

UMNO AGM Sungai Besar Umno division head Jamal Md Yunos was greeted with thunderous applause when he made an appearance at the Wanita Umno annual assembly today.

Jamal, who strung a large cut-out depicting PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli from his neck, was invited on stage to acknowledge his supporters.

The cut-out was accompanied with a text which claimed that Rafizi had defamed Wanita Umno head Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

Several Wanita Umno delegates could be heard thanking Jamal for standing up for their leader.

Umno supreme council member Ismail Sabri was seen giving Jamal a standing ovation when he entered the hall.

Earlier, Jamal worked the floor at Putra World Trade Centre, shaking hands and posing for photographs

Our comment

This dreadful little low-life thug is UMNO’s hero.

He brawls with police, threatens violence of the worst kind, wags his bottom as an insult like a baboon and frankly represents an embarrassment to the civilised section of the human race.

Yet UMNO delegates howled and cheered him.

How damned embarrassing is that, to their party forefathers, their country and to the religion they claim to represent?

How much lower can this Crime Minister take his party and his country in such swift time?

Who Are The Real Nazis?

Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today drew parallels between the opposition’s propaganda efforts with the leaders of Nazi Germany.

In his officiating speech for Umno’s youth, women’s and puteri wings annual assembly today, Zahid recounted how the Adolf Hitler and his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels had a grip on German citizens through carefully crafted propaganda strategies.

“It was based on lies… Hitler once wrote: ‘If you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one and if you tell it often enough, people will begin to believe it’….

“The opposition’s plot in this country is almost the same,” said Zahid.

He said the opposition had been claiming that the country would go bankrupt under the current administration, among other fallacies.

This, said Zahid, was a worrying trend as it has resulted in polarisation of thought and led to the rise of politics of hate.

As for Umno’s own communication efforts, Zahid told his audience that 87 percent of information was now being sourced through the new media…

“The opposition’s plot in this country is almost the same,” said Zahid.

He said the opposition had been claiming that the country would go bankrupt under the current administration, among other fallacies.

In view of this, he said members of all three Umno wings must use cyberspace wisely in order to address slander and attacks by the party’s enemies….

He said Umno’s cybertroopers must be united and form a proper strategy to combat the enemy, rather than fight among themselves.

Our comment

Zahid Hamidi would do better to steer away from raising comparisons to the Nazis, given that the world can see who is using the Gestapo tactics in Malaysia.

It is not the opposition who are knocking on doors at all hours and arresting people on false charges. And it is not the opposition who talk up racial and ideological issues.

Nor is it the opposition who talk of “the enemy” with respect to other citizens in their own country with whom they happen to disagree.

Neither is it the opposition who have grasped total control of a massive state media including print and radio broadcasts. That is what UMNO have done, abusing all the powers and wealth of the state to do so.

Rather, the opposition are the equivalent of the plucky pamphleteers of the Resistance, who have the advantage of the truth to catch people’s minds through the poor man’s medium of the internet.

It is the opposition who are calling for freedom, equality, progress and reform, whilst it is UMNO who are calling for the ‘supremacy of the master race’.

One could continue with many more accurate parallels and every one confirms how conspicuously it is UMNO who resemble the Nazi party from Germany, who don’t even make any pretences about their Cyber Storm Troopers (with RPK as their Lord Haw Haw, squawking from the safety of abroad).

They believe they can swamp those who rely on truth and fact. However, they will never out-argue them…. unless Zahid Hamidi can produce that Saudi Royal he says he met who ‘donated’ Najib that billion dollars, of course!

What Is This RPK Man Smoking?!

The Blair-Rewcastle multifaceted complicity to destroy 1MDB

On the 11th of January 2010, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak made public a multi-billion dollar joint venture initiative between 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund, and China’s leading power grid operator, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). The news did not go down well with Andrew Brown, the brother of former British premier Gordon Brown, who decided to try and dissuade the Chinese against persisting with their energy ambitions in Malaysia.

Just for that, Andrew came up with the idea of dedicating a news portal to running the gamut of conspiracy against the then Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tun Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib bin Mahmud. He tasked his wife, Clare Rewcastle Brown, to come up with editorials that would expose alleged acts of criminal and moral impropriety on the part of the former Chief Minister in relation to Cahaya Mata Sarawak Berhad (CMS), a flagship of the Taib Business Empire.

One thing led to another before team Rewcastle (comprising Andrew, Ms. Rewcastle and a few of Andrew’s associates) got down to registering the with Cloudfire, a web hosting and internet security firm based in the United States (US). The domain name was soon identified with Sarawak Report, a fake news portal that kicked off with an editorial accusing CMS of receiving numerous government contracts, engaging in shoddy business deals and benefiting illegally from taxpayer money.

Our comment

The husband of the Editor of Sarawak Report, Andrew Brown (who retired over a year ago from his communications role at EDF Energy), is commonly known to moan to those who know him that his wife always does precisely as she likes and he cannot guide her.

Yet ‘RPK’ appears to have a wonderful and weird inside knowledge to imply the opposite. In a characteristically rambling and contorted piece of bad writing, he has come up with a baffling story to connect everyone his paymaster Rosmah doesn’t like into a global plot to make up the whole 1MDB scandal in order to tarnish the squeaky clean Najib Razak.

It is the usual ridiculous and unsubstantiated bilge that readers (if there are any genuine ones left) have come to expect.

However, he undermines the entire edifice of claptrap right at the start with the statement “Andrew Brown tasked his wife”.  No self-respecting wife gets tasked by her husband… certainly not this one and certainly not Rosmah!

Nevertheless, FLOM has doubtless paid RPK for his job as usual, courtesy of used notes via the Embassy.

It's Not the 'Trump Effect', but the 'Najib Effect' Stooopids!

The ringgit closed lower against the US dollar today as it is still feeling the impact of the Donald Trump’s US presidential election win, a dealer said.

At 6pm, the ringgit was traded at 4.4600/4650 against the US dollar from 4.4530/4600 on Friday.

Second Finance Minister, Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani, said Malaysia has no option but to face the current volatility of the ringgit while focusing on enhancing its economic fundamentals.

“The US needs money and funds. Americans have been investing overseas and it is estimated that about US$2-US$3 trillion of their investments are in Asean countries.

“To bring back the money, the US will raise interest rate and when this happens, our interest rate will become not so attractive,” he said. The further decline of the ringgit was worsened by speculative activities in the offshore market, he said. The ringgit was traded mostly lower against other major currencies.

Our comment

It’s the corruption Stoopid.

That’s the elephant in the room that all those analysts are so politely trying to find ways to talk around.  If ‘the Trump effect’ was the real reason for Malaysia’s problems it would not be doing so much worse than all the other currencies, despite the fact that Najib’s tame new Governor is throwing the country’s reserves at trying to prop the currency up and lecturing banks on not selling.

How can there be any confidence in a currency that represents a country which is being plundered by a bunch of corrupted and out of control politicians, who make up the law as they go along?

The Economist told the truth in it’s leader last week called ‘Falling Down – Malaysians underestimate the trouble their country is in”

Read our main story

Gangnam Style!

Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans marched in central Seoul on Saturday to surround embattled President Park Geun-hye’s office, forming a so-called “human chain” to demand the president’s resignation, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

As of 4pm local time, organisers estimated over 200,000 people gathered around the Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul, just over a kilometre away from the presidential Blue House where Park’s office and residence are located.

The demonstrators marched up to 200 metres from the Blue House as a Seoul court allowed it.

Park’s office was encircled by a chain of protesters in three sides along the wall of police bus that were parked to prevent an attempt to enter inside the presidential office.

The association to let the Park Geun-hye administration resign, composed of about 1,500 civic groups, held a preliminary event for three hours before the march to the Blue House.

Our comment

This President Park ought to take some lessons from the world’s self-proclaimed ‘greatest democracy’, Malaysia.

This march ought to have been declared illegal and its leaders arrested under terrorism laws.  A bunch of thugs should have been mobilised to frighten the marchers and then clapped in jail too (only overnight of course) to give a show of ‘fair play’.

Any criticism of Park ought then also to be declared illegal and Facebook scoured to identify perpetrators.  Park should sack all her senior colleagues and replace the top law enforcers, so they declare her ‘cleared’.

To make sure, she should rush through a law allowing her to shoot people dead if she feels it to be necessary – for terrorism offences that include ‘seeking to topple an elected prime minister in between elections’.

Then Mrs Park can really start looting as much money as she likes – not just a few million, but real billions!

UBS Should Declare It's Interest


An investor is not concerned about the potential political fallout on the ringgit as she expected the country’s leadership to remain “more or less status quo”.

Speaking to CNBC, Tan Min Lan said: “There are ongoing issues, but the opposition is in disarray and therefore there is no alternative. And hence a change in government in Malaysia is highly unlikely.”

Tan, who heads the Asia Pacific investment office for UBS wealth management, was reacting to strategists at the National Australia Bank (NAB).

According to NAB, the political turmoil does not herald good news for the Malaysian currency.

“The simmering political crisis remains and is likely to continue to undermine investor confidence with speculation about elections continuing to swirl,” it said.

NAB had made its forecast in a note titled “Malaysia – Truly awkward,” which is a sarcastic take on the country’s tourism advertising slogan, “Malaysia, truly Asia.”

With the ringgit continuing to slide against the US dollar, Tan remained positive of the situation.

“The current account position is very comfortable. The fiscal balance is very well managed. The monetary policy, as well, Bank Negara continues to have a very good standing with international investors,” she told CNBC.

Expressing concern over the high foreign ownership of Malaysia’s domestic bonds – at nearly 40 percent on some measurements – she however noted that the country was still rated single-A by the three major credit rating agencies Fitch, S&P and Moody’s.

Our comment

As a bank which has just paid a fine in recognition of its shoddy dealings over 1MDB’s stolen billions, UBS ought to have declared its interest before putting up Ms Tan to opine about politics and the future in Malaysia.

UBS is currently facing a prosecution case in Switzerland over its disgraceful handling of Sabah’s Musa Aman’s off-shore timber kickbacks.

It was also none other than UBS who held the account for the bogus Aabar PJS Limited BVI at its branch in Singapore, through which hundreds of millions in payments were mysteriously funnelled, sometimes in just one day.

UBS plainly failed to bother in the slightest to do its appropriate due diligence on this account.

So, the last thing UBS wants to see is any political change in Malaysia or (heaven forbid) a clear up of the notorious political corruption that it has shown itself very happy to facilitate over the years, providing bank accounts for any number of these high level crooks.

If, on top of this, they want to send their ‘wealth managers’ on to TV to try to reassure the world that all is good and well with Malaysia’s seething corruption, then they ought state first where they are coming from…. which is that they are vested up to their necks in the corruption they are defending.

Hadi's Creepy Law Promotes Perversion

“Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir requested for Hadi to alter his motion so that there will be a limitation (on the punishments),” Khairuddin said.

He added that details on the various offences and corresponding punishments would be decided by the state governments.

These would only apply to Muslims and involve offences such as pre-marital sex, adultery, drinking alcohol and qazaf (false accusation), he stressed.

Khairuddin also defended the proposed 100 times of whipping.

“Caning 100 times under civil and syariah law are different. Under syariah law, it’s like caning a child only. It’s just a light slap.

“A hundred strokes of the whip under syariah law is just like one stroke under civil law,” he said.

Hadi will now have to give notice to the Parliament secretary to alter his private member’s motion, taking into account the new punishment cap.

The changes came after a briefing organised by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for Muslim MPs on Hadi’s motion yesterday.

Hadi’s effort is often referred to as the ‘Hudud Bill’ as it would ultimately pave the way for the partial implementation of the Islamic penal code, specifically in PAS-ruled Kelantan, which has already passed an enactment to that effect.

For example, the punishment of whipping under the enactment ranges from 40 to 100 strokes.

However, the Kelantan state enactment cannot be implemented as long as the current punishment limits on the syariah court stands.

Meanwhile, PAS will organise a nationwide solat hajat after maghrib(dusk) prayers today, for Hadi’s bill

Our comment

Hadi needs to be aware that his primitive and perverted punishment ideas will be counter-productive in the extreme in the field of moral probity, which he says he seeks to promote.

He talks lightly of “caning like a child only”.  It is well known that the psychological damage of childhood whipping extends into many adult disorders, including sado-masochism and paedophilia.

Public displays of such a crude and vicious kind soon whets the blood lust of those within the crowd who hold such tendencies and it will lead to crimes by them against others.  It will also start the slippery slope towards more and more violent and disgusting crowd-pleasing punishments.

Everyone knows that people who come from the most repressive societies are always the first to indulge in gross and abusive carnal practices of extreme kinds when they get the chance. Appalling activities by wealthy, ‘pious’ Arabs frequently shock the public in the “liberal” West.

Two wrongs do not make a right and violence begets violence.  No religious person should therefore advocate combatting what he believes to be a sin by an act all know to be a sin, which is unnecessary violence.

It is unpleasant to consider the psychological motives of someone so bent on seeking out permission to inflict humiliation and pain on another person who has transgressed into temptation, but we all know that such impulses lurk at the bottom of many of the perversions in our society.

So, Hadi ought be wary of being painted in future minds as some kind of dirty old man by promoting this adoption of foreign cult practices and drop his distasteful and dangerous bill.

If RKP Is Not Paid From 1MDB's Stolen Money How Is He Paid?

Mahathir and his ANC were hoping that Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidency. Then they can keep this DoJ issue alive. But now that Donald Trump has won instead, there goes their US campaign to create the perception that Najib is a dead man walking…

Oh, by the way, a little bird told me that the letter below was prepared yesterday in anticipation of Trump winning the US Presidency today. And that is the difference between Najib’s Boffin Boys and Mahathir’s Keystone Cops. Najib’s boys know what they are doing while Mahathir boys blunder every step of the way.

Now you know why in February 2015 when I was asked to decide whether to join Mahathir’s team or Najib’s team I chose Najib’s team. It is just that I detest working with idiots and enjoy working with brilliant people. I mean, only idiots would enjoy working with idiots. And I would like to believe that I am brilliant and not an idiot.

Our comment

Today’s message point from PMO Communications Dept has been the claim that Najib is best golfing pals with Muslim-bashing Donald Trump (greasing up to Obama and funding Frank White are soooo yesterday….. time to re-dial Josh Trevino).

Cabinet was informed by Najib that this means he is definitely off the hook over 1MDB and blogger RPK duly parroted the line in his latest libellous ramblings from the back of his North Manchester cafe joint.

Interestingly (for once), having accused SR, the WSJ, the DOJ and various others of being in the paid thrall of a Soros ‘Jewish plot’, RPK went on to admit he works for ‘Najib’s team’, which he says means he is “brilliant”.

This raises the question as to what money is being used to pay him, since he isn’t on the books at PMO?  It seems highly likely that another foreign based recipient of 1MDB’s stolen money has been identified therefore and the various law-enforcers will be notified.

As for Trump ‘letting off Najib’.  RPK has amply demonstrated that he has a morality-free, grovelling UMNO mentality, which is that boss-man fixes everything, so stick close to boss-man skirts. However, the US has a more advanced approach, meaning even the all-powerful Trump will not be able to ring the DOJ and tell them to “pull the investigations on that guy Najib I played golf with in 2009″.

To the contrary, he has vowed to “drain the swamp” (on corruption) and what better place to start than to encourage a speed-up of the action against Islamist agitating kleptocrats, who hide their money in the USA and send fighters into IS by the plane load from SE Asia?