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1.26 TRILLION Ringgit

This mind boggling sum is what the PN deputy Finance Minister told Parliament is the sum of Malaysia’s indebtedness. He did NOT go on to explain how PN, or indeed any Malaysian government, would service this enormous debt. Almost certainly because neither he nor any of his fellow crooks in PN have any idea. Their object is to steal public money, not to work out how to repay, or even service, Malaysia’s enormous debt; built up over 60 plus years by economically illiterate UMNO/BN politicians.

When one has only to cast a vote to rob the nation of its wealth even PN are up to the task, as these horrifying figures show. Generations of living and as yet unborn Malaysians will have the PN crooks to thank for this birthright!

While it is too late to repair this mega disaster it is not too late to sling the crooks out of power and into jail to join one of the most guilty of their number, Najib Razak. The sooner the better if only to stem this mega tide of wastefulness with other people’s money.

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