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When They Have Stolen All The Money

What then? Malaysia was a rich country before the Najib gang stole everything they could lay hands on. And PN are busy stealing whatever is left.  So what future for what was once a democratic country?

Direct , as opposed to indirect, rule by Sultans? Or maybe rule by religious fanatics, when they can spare the time from riding around in their Mercedes cars bought with stolen money. Or just the existing kleptocracy concentrated on stealing every ringgit of public money they can lay their hands on?

Not a very enticing prospect for the ordinary man and woman who has to work to live. Even work has its price with the jobs going to lickspittles of the PN “government” So where from here?

An expansionist Beijing, dreaming of long lost supremacy in the Indian Ocean and Africa? They were ready to buy Malaysia from Najib so must be assumed to be ready to buy it from his successors. Cheaper this time perhaps! Of course that would make a problem for Muslims. Just like it is currently making problems for the Muslim Uighurs in China itself. The methods for dealing with them are no secret. Would Malaysians, especially Malays, like to see that happen in Malaysia? PN won’t care. They will be living elsewhere on your money.

So let the PN crooks sell you and your descendants to whoever will buy you?  OR put them all in jail where they belong.

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