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Elections Are Expensive - Or Just Sudden Cold Feet?

So is mega theft of government funds but no PN voices are being heard in favour of stopping that! What is more, buying votes is a costly process and the money needed could be better spent, PN think, by transferring it from the Treasury to their personal pockets.

Further there is a risk, in their case a major one, that the voters, fed up with their taxes being stolen by corrupt politicians, could boot them out of the Assembly and into jail: to join their former boss Najib.

So that is why we are hearing all this talk from crooked PN about the cost of an election. They fail to mention that the biggest cost of all would be their disappearance into Sg. Buloh to join their ex boss.

The Constitution allows the Agong to dissolve Parliament whenever he thinks ft and without having to give any reason. Power implies responsibility. So will it be shown or will the royal adding machine continue to need maintenance?

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