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Early Elections?

Press reports have appeared suggesting that PN “Prime Minister” Muyhiddin is contemplating calling  an early general election. The same papers fail to report on herds of pigs spotted flying in the KL skies. Possibly PN has been so busy sharing out the spoils of office between themselves that they have forgotten to bribe the voters? It is difficult to see any other explanation for the fantasy that they will soon seek voter approval.

Anything else apart they are still busy handing out the spoils of office to their core leadership and an election will certainly put a stop to all that; as well as bringing many more of them to join PH personality Najib in Sg. Buloh.

If anything at all is running out for ‘PM8′ Muyhiddin it is the sands of time and those in that position would do better to search their consciences rather than set out to buy votes.

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