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Only One Real Choice

In the midst of election talk by both sides in Malaysia’s political impasse and despite formation of new parties and defections and counter-defections among what can only be called the political class there is really only one way out of the mess that politicians have created and that is a general election.

Only an election can demonstrate whether the Malaysian electorate has finally grown up or whether racial voting, irrespective of the known political chicanery and abuse of the past sixty plus years, will continue to determine the result.

It did not do so in 2018 when a majority of voters, many of them first time voters, ejected the corrupt politicians in power since Merdeka and offered a new political grouping the opportunity to clean up politics, bring much needed change and work to improve Malaysia’s future.

Of course they had to make use of past politicians to do that and might have known that, sooner or later, political corruption and infighting would bring reform to a crashing halt. As it has with the installation of the corrupt PN government, in power only due to gross misuse of constitutional authority.

It is no longer a choice between contending politicians of the old corrupt school but whether Malaysians want their country to progress towards first world status or languish permanently in the corrupt waters of the third. Malaysian electors CAN make that choice and they should do so; turning a deaf ear to professional crooks on all sides.

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