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Official Murder?

An item from the New York Times dating back to the time of the original Altantuya murder trial,throws some interesting sidelights on a number of things. Not least in the details it affords about the “Special Action Squad” housed inside the PDRM Special Branch at that time to which the murderers Sirul Azhar Umar and Azilah Hadri belonged.

The article quotes Azilah as allegedly boasting, according to Razak Baginda’s testimony (never tested in court) that, as a member of the “special” squad he had murdered a number of other people prior to killing Altantuya.  The deputy commander of the squad did testify in court that Mastor Mohamad Ariff that his men were trained never to question their orders.  No wonder the NYT described the evidence as “mind-boggling”.

If that is so, and this needs to be properly investigated, those responsible for setting up the “special squad” should be brought to justice along with the politicians who must have authorised its establishment.

These revelations add emphasis to the need for a full investigation into the whole affair; which was clearly, prevented at the time. As a member of that “squad” Azilah can clearly add detail as could any of those who formed part of it and are still alive today. Will the IGP see to it that such an enquiry is held now and with rigour and no cover ups? The public have to hope so. Over to you IGP.

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