'Final Reckoning' Or Just More Corrupted Spin?

Romen Bose worked as a Political Communications Consultant for former Malaysian Premier Najib Razak for six years and was a close confidante to decision makers in the upper echelon of the country’s political elite.

Romen was present during the major controversies that hit the Najib Razak administration, witnessing first-hand how the country’s leadership reacted to the disappearance of MH370 and the step by step actions of its topmost officials, as well as classified covert actions taken to retrieve the remains of Malaysian victims following the shooting down of MH17.

In Final Reckoning, the author gives a blow-by-blow account of how the 1MDB scandal rocked the Government and the attempts by the country’s top politicians and their advisers to contain and explain it away. Through numerous conversations with key players and his presence at various top secret meetings following the global investigations into the scandal, Romen pieces together for the first time how a sitting Prime Minister became the unwitting patsy of a mastermind who had managed to pull off the single biggest con of the century. In doing so, Romen tells the story of an ultimately futile scramble to try and preserve a crumbling political legacy that had long been out of step with the realities of a new Malaysia.

Our comment

Payment from 1MDB stolen money of

Payment from 1MDB stolen money of RM655,000 to author Roman Bose

It is a wise maxim to declare one’s interest in matters of opinion, should one have one. In this case the author Romen Bose who has chosen to write this upcoming promoted book about Najib Razak and his nemesis of 1MDB had himself worked for the disgraced ex-PM as his ‘media warfare’ and ‘monitoring expert’ for several years, pushing the BN government spin against factual reporting by the likes of Sarawak Report and the rest of the world media.

For this act of deception he was highly paid and with stolen money from the very heist he claims to give the inside story about.

MACC documents citing the distribution of stolen 1MDB money from Najib’s personal KL accounts show that the convicted felon ex-prime minister paid Romen Bose RM 655,000 out of that stolen loot.

So, when he advertises his upcoming book as an account as to how “a sitting Prime Minister became the unwitting patsy of a mastermind” over this “Con of the Century” readers are advised to take his version of events with a very large pinch of salt.

After all, Najib is back in the money and Bose is clearly back earning it in the same capacity as communications cheerleader he was in before.

Penguin ought to be ashamed of publishing such propaganda when the same outfit quivered in fear to publish books by the likes of Sarawak Report who exposed the criminality in the first place.

So much for the publishing industry’s contribution to free speech and promotion of the truth in the 21st century.

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