Who Is Really Being Seditious?

Ronnie Liu has been released on police bail after being questioned over his Facebook post which is suspected of containing seditious elements against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

News of his release was conveyed by DAP national deputy chairperson Gobind Singh Deo this afternoon.

Liu, who is the Sungai Pelek assemblyperson, was detained when he went to the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters to have his statement recorded this morning.

The arrest was to facilitate police investigations under the Sedition Act and the Communications and Multimedia Act.

Yesterday, federal CID director Huzir Mohamed said police were investigating the DAP assemblyperson and three others for their social media posts.

In his posting, which Liu said was made two weeks ago, the latter had published photographs of the protest in Thailand, with the caption: “Now in Bangkok. They are saying no to the king.”

Our comment

In a democracy a voter must be entitled to an opinion and be free to discuss it. Otherwise, informed debate and decisions cannot be achieved. Nor can the purpose of freedom.

This fellow is entitled to his views about ‘saying no to monarchs’ or even to disagree with monarchical government. He may in fact think a republic to be a better form of government that Malaysia should consider.

There are many in Britain who express this view, however they are argued into a minority largely owing to the overall perceived good conduct of the ‘ruling’ family. The British Queen NEVER presumes to engage in politics and policies.

Such views are not seditious they provoke useful thought and debate, which might pave the future if need be. What IS SEDITIOUS is to attempt to by-pass the Constitution, the agreed principles of elected government and the rule of law by attempting to illegitimately snatch power and impose authoritarian solutions on the country.

The people who have been doing that over the past days are clearly not the opinionated observer of events Ronnie Liu, but rather the rebel leaders fronting Malaysia’s present backdoor government who attempted to impose an unconstitutional bogus State of Emergency on the country to keep in power.

These are the individuals that the bovine bullies at Bukit Aman ought to be questioning – they will have plenty of evidence to pull together a string of cases under these outdated and draconian laws.

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