Who Is Running Malaysia?

Malaysia PM hospitalised for diarrhea -PM’s office –

June 30 (Reuters) – Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has been admitted to hospital after suffering a bout of diarrhea, his office said in a statement on Wednesday.

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When Muhyiddin was first hospitalised with reported diarrhoea on June 30, Twitter erupted with theories he had deliberately flushed his scheduled meeting with the Agong down the toilet.

Three days on, however, there has been no more news. At all. As far as can be divined the PM remains in hospital but the government is yet to release an official statement or update regarding his health. In the silence, reports are circulating social media in KL that he has undergone surgery to have his gall bladder and duodenum removed due to his long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Last June, of course, it was denied he was sick at all. In response to a Sarawak Report disclosure about his ongoing treatment the PM Office declared him to be ‘cancer free’.

Meanwhile, without a Deputy PM to step in, Malaysia is left in the dark and without a clear leader—or at least without word on who is running the country in the grips of an emergency of this man’s making, while Muhyiddin lies, potentially desperately ill, in hospital.

Yet decisions appear to be being made…. by someone. Law minister Takiyuddin popped his head over the parapet Friday morning to announce that the PM has decided to recall parliament as soon as possible, but without any news on his health. “As soon as possible” reeks of the same deliberate obfuscation as the claim that “diarrhoea” sent the nation’s leader to hospital for three days.

Countries have a right to information about their leader’s health and who is standing in. In the UK, when Boris Johnson was hospitalised with COVID-19 in April 2020, the press were given regular updates on his health and he directly addressed the nation via video on Twitter. Westminster stated that Boris was still “in charge of government” but nonetheless gave clear details about which Ministers would lead which meetings in his absence.

Similarly, when Trump was hospitalised for COVID-19 treatment in October 2020 the White House gave regular press statements, Trump’s personal physician himself gave updates on the then-president’s condition, and the man himself, unsurprisingly, tweeted during his stay.

It is absurd that a nation’s leader and his office should fail to update on his ill health at any time, but to do so during this tumultuous moment in history that has thrown the nation into crisis is unforgivable (along with his many other sins). Muhyiddin’s exploitative reign as PM guarantee him little sympathy from the people he has failed and calls abound for his resignation. However, it is increasingly unlikely he is in any state to throw his weight around which begs the question—who is pulling the strings now?

They Just Don't Get It

Padang Rengas MP Nazri Aziz will be flying abroad to help his son enrol in a school overseas, but he will be back in time for Parliament when it reconvenes.

The Umno man said he obtained the necessary visa from the proper channels and was given clearance by the immigration department.

Though unsure when exactly he will be returning, he told FMT that he will return before Parliament sits.

“I’ve got to quarantine for 14 days, so I will fly back at least 15 days before Parliament starts.

“There is nothing wrong. I know someone from Umno was trying to go overseas but couldn’t because he had a court case to settle. But I have clearance,” he said, declining to go further into details about his son.

On reports that he was going on “holiday” for two months, Nazri clarified that he was only joking when he said that.

Malaysiakini reported that Nazri’s son is five years old.

Our comment

People are committing suicide or dying slowly of hunger, many thrown out of house and home by loan sharks, now to be given special status by the odious Zuraida.

Others are cashing in more of their pensions, on the special advice and permission of a Government that refuses to support them properly, but has spent billions on vaccines that appear to have gone AWOL.

Meanwhile, this fully vaccinated minister (who is of course free of any Parliamentary duties on the excuse of this emergency) plans to head off abroad away from all the misery and tedious suffering to escort his five year old to enrol in a foreign school (just as the long school break begins?).

In normal times one would ask what is wrong with the schools provided by this man’s own government for everybody else that he should spend a fortune sending him abroad aged five? One still asks it.

The country may be on its knees but the pampered panjandrums of this present government continue to manage to find ways to outrage and incense the people further by acts such as this one and the gross insensitivity and selfishness involved.

The Nazri family are setting off abroad (first class naturally) just after this politician threw the political scene into further chaos by openly admitting how he has been playing all sides to his own advantage and splitting his party in the process. No thought to the need for a working government supported by the majority at the election, just good old-fashioned selfish opportunism by a wealthy warlord.

As the political stalemate Nazri has helped to create deepens, ordinary Malaysians remain kettled in their homes, unable to provide for their own families, whilst the fires of infection are being simultaneously stoked by the passes given by this same regime to factories and businesses that are making money for their pals.

That’s also annoying – nay infuriating for all but the ruling elite who have themselves taken no notice whatsoever it would seem of the rules they have imposed on everybody else.

Everyone knows the rate of infections and even deaths are clearly far in excess of what is being reported, yet PN are playing a juggling act allowing just enough bad news to let them carry on with locking up the people and preventing Parliament, whilst keeping secret the full extent of their appalling failure to control the virus.

The last thing that anyone in this government, least of all Nazri Aziz, appears to be thinking about is how to gain control of this pandemic and how to return life and liberty to the people of Malaysia. They have more important things to think about – themselves.

Nazri has his vaccinations and private plans to be getting on with – including settling this latest offspring into some other country to enjoy his life and take care of Daddy’s investments in.

Certainly, as he knows better than most, plundered and ruined Malaysia will be no place in years to come for the son of a rich political profiteer to enjoy.

PN has seen to that.

Trust Is Not Currency For Hishamuddin Hussein

In 2018, then BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz reached out to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and pledged Umno’s support if the latter would guarantee the party is not dissolved once he becomes prime minister.

Nazri – who is now vocally against Umno working with Anwar – said his manoeuvrings at the time was necessary to ensure his party’s survival.

“At the time, I felt I needed to be close to the next PM, and then coax him not to dissolve Umno.

“Because (then prime minister) Dr Mahathir Mohamad was set on dissolving us,”..

Now back in government, Nazri said Umno was no longer under threat, and hence did not need Anwar anymore…

This stance had motivated him to turn against Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – whom he believed was still trying to align the party with Anwar.

Nazri said 25 out of 42 BN lawmakers have signed a declaration pledging support for Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein as their spokesperson.

This is as Nazri did not trust Zahid represented the party truthfully during his meeting with the king earlier this month.

“I trust Hishammuddin to tell the truth that we don’t support Anwar or DAP,” he added

Our comment

Nazri makes no bones about it. He himself (in true UMNO fashion) is openly untrustworthy and sees no problem with deceiving and lying to promote his own ends.

Yet he trusts his colleague Hishamuddin, he says. The same cousin of the convicted kleptocrat Najib who has schemed with his dear friend Azmin Ali since the day UMNO lost the election to bribe MPs and destabilise his own government.

The sickly Mahiaddin is the temporary puppet but this was always about the dopey Hishamuddin claiming his ‘birthright’.

The problem these fellows have is that they are all so utterly transparent and it is plain for all to see than none of them have a moral fibre in their bodies or the least care for the nation of people they are supposed to be pledged to serve.

What facades of purpose and patriotism they might once have hid behind as they pursued their selfish ends have now utterly fallen away with the disastrous gold rush that PN has represented. Raping a country in the midst of the pandemic.

Were members of UMNO or the nation to adopt this band of openly dishonest and self-serving rascals the consequences are plain for all to see.

Hunger, poverty and oppression would eventually be followed by a sell-out to Hishamuddin’s ‘Chinese Uncles’ at a price suitable to keep him in luxury – to hell with the rest.

Malaysia's Constant Police Harassment Against Free Speech Has To Stop!

Police have launched an investigation against de facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan, over his comments on the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s wish to see Parliament reconvene as soon as possible.

In a brief statement, Inspector-General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani this evening confirmed that they have received reports against the minister.

“The investigation is being carried out by Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department,” Acryl Sani said.

The top cop added that investigators would call all the relevant individuals to assist in their investigation.

On Wednesday, a statement issued by Istana Negara stated that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah is of the opinion that Parliament should reconvene as soon as possible to allow MPs to debate emergency laws and the National Recovery Plan.

Several hours after that, Takiyuddin told PAS mouthpiece Harakah in an interview that the king did not specify an exact date on when the legislature should be in session.

The PAS secretary-general had argued that September is soon, as per the National Recovery Plan that was laid out by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin a day earlier (on Tuesday).


Our comment

Malaysia needs to decriminalise freedom of speech. It is simply ludicrous to have a situation where the average man in blue is left scratching his head over whether the opinions of, for example, an elected representative of the people are ‘illegal’ – or maybe not.

There are few people lower in the estimation of Sarawak Report   and many others than Malaysia’s present law minister. However, the idea that he should be reported, harassed and intimidated for expressing his lame opinions is unacceptable, unless he is urging active harm against someone else,

There are other ways of dealing with the nonsense that certain people spout, lies or even false accusations, all of which carry no need for threats of criminal prosecution. Indeed, you cannot sustain a genuine democracy for even a day if people are unable to speak freely, criticise and hold contrary opinions safely.

If, as in this case, the man has spoken nonsense, others may answer with clarity, sense and fact. He has lost this argument in the eyes of the public already. But you cannot shut up the likes of Takiyuddin by adding criminal complaints without silencing others who bring vital information that we all need to hear.

Leave it to the listener to decide. In the present case 95% of Malaysians who heard the law minister’s remarks will have judged them for what they were – a load of self-serving nonsense to justify his not budging from his undeserved position.

No need to construct arguments that the Agong has somehow been insulted – who is after all up to his neck in this present ’emergency’ and in the appointment of Takiyuddin’s government in the first place, so let’s not go there.

Certainly no need for a police officer to interrogate on the basis of such contorted allegations.  By his own utterances the minister has already condemned himself in the only place that really matters, which is the court of public opinion.

Meanwhile,  Leave police officers to mind the traffic, stop brawlers and deal with their own bad apples. Don’t ask them to decide on matters which ought to be left for voters to determine at the ballot box.

PN's Bought Up Allies Are Crying Buckets

[Takiyuddin] said the Agong did not explicitly mention a date for when Parliament should reopen again.

“His Majesty did not specify any particular date, but said it should be held as soon as possible. So the Prime Minister can announce, for example, that Parliament will reopen in September or October,” Takiyuddin said during a discussion on Bicara Harakah.

Speaking to moderator Badzli Bakar, the de facto law minister added that the Agong also stressed the role of all MPs across the political spectrum to focus on dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“So if Parliament is to reopen, then they should focus on how best to deal with Covid, rather than anything else.

“As always, the government is ready to openly accept the views of the Opposition MPs with regards to Covid-19. We also thank His Majesty and the Conference of Rulers, over their concerns on the matter,” he said.

Our comment

This wily law minister (the one who declared 1MDB reparations were a state secret) is one of many crying like babies now that the Council of Rulers has slapped down their experiment in hijacking the democratic process.

The appointed Speaker of the house (another lawyer who is not even an MP and whose equally unelected brother has been appointed Attorney General) is also wailing at the prospect of the early demise of their cosy crony positions propping up the coup.

But whilst these fellows can only smell the gravy, having teamed up with a bunch of fellow opportunists with nothing in common besides happening to be Malay, the Rulers have plainly smelt the coffee. So, at long last, has the Agong.

These power grabbers were so intent on the fruits of office they barely registered the pandemic to begin with. When they did it was primarily to use it as an excuse to control the country rather than prioritising public health and economic pain.

They were too focused on their own economic gain.

Everyone in Malaysia has watched this blatant performance with growing anger, hence the decision by the rulers to intervene and end the abuse of constitutional process and “bring down the temperature” in the country.

Predictably, the likes of Takiyuddin and Art Harun are nonetheless seeking to re-interpret the rulers’ stated position, confirmed by the Agong, that this show needs to come to an end as soon as possible.

That there is no need for the bogus ‘state of emergency’ to continue this shut down of parliament means the charade should end today.  Not maybe September or October or sometime never, as these two second rate lawyers are now desperately pleading before the bench of public opinion.

The bench is not amused. And since the Agong no longer accepts the advice of a prime minister who lacks a majority the law is now being broken by these advocates for a failed administration.


From Kleptocracy To Kakistocracy - Malaysia's Sad Progress

Failed politicians, not civil servants, are the ones who should resign.

This is according to Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang who was responding to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang who had asked civil servants who refuse to support the Perikatan Nasional government to resign.

“I do not agree with Hadi as I believe that it is the political leaders who have failed in their duties, like those in the bloated Muhyiddin cabinet who, in the national interest, should resign.

“I do not fault civil servants who are not prepared to see the Malaysian civil service deteriorate into a kakistocracy,” Lim said in a statement today.

Last Sunday, Hadi said those who do not support the government of the day are morally bound to resign.

Our comment

Hadi is the ‘religious’ leader who time and again displays a total lack of moral understanding.

Given he has only achieved office through betraying and trampling on democratic principles and making close if often secret relationships with corrupt kleptocrats such as Najib Razak and now the raiders from PN, it is no surprise that he has now demonstrated this view that civil servants should abandon their duty of objectivity in the public interest in favour of slavish  support for political bosses.

What makes his demand that civil servants sign up to the ruling party even worse is that the present coalition to which he belongs is only in government thanks first to a seizure of power through the back door in defiance of the majority of the electorate, followed by bogus ’emergency’ provisions after losing its fleeting majority of bought MPs.

That a man with such appalling lack of principles should now hold office, after years of being rightly shunned even by BN’s calculating kleptocrats, is a sign of just how low Malaysia’s situation has become: moving, as described by the veteran observer Lim Kit Siang. from a thieving kleptocracy to governance by the least qualified and competent (kakistocracy).

Politician Threatens Legal Action Against SR!

Posing with police report and in happier days with his company director wife

Syed Hamzah – Posing with police report and in happier days with his company director wife in their luxurious home.

[translated] Datuk Seri Syed Hamzah Syed Paie will take legal action against Sarawak Report and two Facebook account owners over allegations linking him to Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister (Medac) Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar over granting approval to his wife’s company, Azzahra Product Sdn Bhd.
The Political Secretary to Wan Junaidi, said he had lodged a report at the Sekama Police Station at 9am today …..
“I have also instructed my lawyer in Kuala Lumpur to take legal action against Clare Rewcastle in London as the editor of Sarawak Report over the defamation leveled against me and Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi,” he said in a statement today.
Earlier, Syed Hamzah explained that the SME Corp grant amounting to RM338,950 approved to his wife’s company, Azzahra Product Sdn Bhd, had nothing to do with Wan Junaidi as Medac minister, including himself as Political Secretary to Wan Junaidi.
He said the grant was approved by SME Corp on October 10, 2017, while he and Wan Junaidi started working at Medac on April 22, 2020.
“How could Wan Junaidi and I have been involved in grant approval in the last four years when we started serving at Medac in 2020,” he said.
In this regard, Syed Hamzah said the facts were contrary to the allegations of Sarawak Report and the two Facebook account owners involved.

Our comment

Strangely, when Syed Hamzah and his departmental media team and boss Wan Junaidi were contacted in advance of publication for comment by Sarawak Report none of them responded to the allegations in our article.

The political secretary, who is also nephew to Wan Junaidi, is now complaining that Sarawak Report alleged something it did not. Our article, which is online for all to read, made it quite clear that Syed’s company (which he mainly owns, but is directed by his wife) received its grant before his boss took over the Department concerned – we made clear that in 2017 their fellow PBB colleague Naroden Majais was the minister instead.

The issue that Sarawak Report related as having been passed as a complaint to the MACC was that the equipment purchase cited by his company as a core reason for the application for a BEEP grant had been made from a related party – namely a company owned by Syed’s own brother and sister.

The complaint stated that this was naturally against the rules and that grantees should not apply for public money to make purchases via family members.

If Syed Hamzah wishes to address this allegation, and indeed to address our query as to why he markets his expensive juice product as means of preventing buyers from contracting Covid-19, Sarawak Report remains ready and willing to publish his comments on our site.