Do What Is Right And The Path Is Clear

PPBM’s Shahruddin Md Salleh today announced his resignation as the deputy works minister, becoming the first MP from the three-month old Perikatan Nasional government to defect to the opposition.

the Sri Gading MP’s statement today ends days of speculation on his political loyalty since joining Muhyiddin Yassin to form an alliance with Barisan Nasional, PAS, GPS and other MPs to form a new government following the collapse of Pakatan Harapan last February.

Shahruddin said he had made an “incorrect” in joining the PN government, adding that he should have considered his constituents who “voted for Pakatan Harapan” in the 14th general election.

“As the first step to correct this mistake, I am resigning from my post as I was appointed by the prime minister of the PN government,” he said.

On Monday, Shahruddin expressed hope that both Muhyiddin and Dr Mahathir Mohamad could close ranks and strengthen PPBM.

This was after the party membership of Mahathir and four other MPs was declared void by PPBM, after they joined the opposition bloc during the May 18 Dewan Rakyat sitting.

“I do not want to see PPBM become weak because we are split and fighting. I also do not want to see PPBM dead and forgotten,” Shahruddin had said.

Our comment

Amidst all the confusion one man has done what is right. He has had the courage to admit he made a mistake and he has based his move on a principle, which was that it was wrong to go against what his constituents had voted for at the election.

Meanwhile, the increasingly desperate ‘PM8′ has tossed all rules out of the window and is issuing thug instructions to sack anyone who disagrees with him in the party he has attempted to seize control of.

Yet at the same time everyone knows he has an open invitation in his back pocket to hop over to UMNO and lead them as PM candidate into an election if his strong-arm tactics fail with Bersatu.

So, if he can’t dominate the party he is happy to abandon it and wipe it out with an election gamble.

This would involve convincing the Agong to ignore the fact he was originally lied to by ‘PM8′ and to call and election instead of giving the actual majority coalition its right to form a government.

He is providing a twisted and turning path for Bersatu’s followers.

Desperation Hits PN With Election Talk

Former premier Najib Abdul Razak has .. said Umno is prepared in the event Parliament is dissolved if Pakatan Harapan only manages to secure a slim majority with “bought” MPs.

“Harapan still wants to topple the government by buying PN MPs. Even if Harapan has enough numbers, that number would be slim and the Harapan 2.0 government would be unstable.

“Defections from one or two people will cause the government to change hands.

“As such, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong can use his wisdom and powers to dissolve Parliament to resolve the political instability afflicting our country,”..

This was after Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi posted on Facebook a photograph (below) of him and Najib, with the caption: “We are ready for GE15. Are you ready to be with us?”



Our comment

What better admission than this sudden talk of an election that PN has failed to achieve its back door coup through its own strategy of bought MPs?

These two pampered political warlords know that ‘PM8′ cannot command a majority, even after the three month breather provided by the Covid pandemic during which they have handed out jobs and bribes to anyone who will take them.

Both these desperadoes have scores of charges against them for vast amounts of graft and abuse of office and they plainly don’t want to swap their Italian furnished palaces for reflection in a spartan cell.

There is likely not to even be time to ‘plea bargain’ their way out of those charges before PN falls, so today they embarked on this last desperate gambit to engineer an untimely election instead. And naturally they did so with a level of cheek and double standards to leave honest folk gasping breathless.

Thus, whilst it was fine for PN to claim a working majority with at the best 2 MPs, Najib today announced such an arrangement would be intolerable if the shoe was on the other foot. In the process he of course is admitting that defections are making certain the balance will be the other way with a PH advantage. So, now he says this slim majority is no longer ‘workable’ and is ‘unstable’.

He wants the Agong to ‘use his wisdom’ and call and election unless the ‘slim majority’ belongs to PN.

With even more brass neck he accuses PH of seeking to “buy” the defecting MPs who have become increasingly sick of the lies, the graft and infighting under PN. This from a bunch of conspirators who have been embarrassingly recorded in flagrante delicto describing this very process of buying MPs as their own key strategy for luring them away from the parties they were elected to represent at the last election.

MPs returning to Harapan will be returning to what their voters wanted. Meanwhile, these two UMNO kleptocrats appear to think they have stirred up sufficient trouble, strife and hatred in Malaysia over the past two years that voters will give up all hopes of reform and vote their thieving parties back.

More to the point, what other options do they have besides one last gamble with an election now that their coup has cratered?

More Details Of This Political Bribery Are Called For

PKR’s Tebrau MP Steven Choong Shiau Yoon has denied plans to exit the party, alleging he even turned down a full ministerial position “from the other side” when the change in government was taking place.

Choong said this in response to purported claims he formed an NGO – EcoSocial Movement – as an “exit tool” from PKR in order to join Gerakan.

“I am disappointed (that) in the last few days there was a post specifically mentioning my name and two others, that we have set up an NGO as an exit from PKR since there is no place for us in PKR because of our previous affiliation with those who left the party to form the (Perikatan Nasional) PN government.

“[…] During the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government… I even turned down an offer of a full minister post from the other side. Hence, I remain committed to serving the people, the ideals of social justice and the reform agenda for all Malaysians,” he said in a statement today.

Our comment

Full credit to this PKR MP who refused, despite having earlier sympathies with the Azmin camp, to get caught up in Azmin’s treachery against PKR voters.

However, he ought to be more specific about the bribes he has been offered. In saying he was promised a full cabinet position in return for abandoning all the commitments he made to his electorate in GE14 he has detailed the offer of a dishonest political bribe that goes far beyond the normal ‘horse-trading’.

So, who made this offer and how was the approach made exactly? What other blandishments were on the table? Was cash offered and, if so, how much?

This man has made the worthy choice, like several others who also got hoodwinked by Azmin’s self-motivated machinations into causing distraction and disruption for PH. They balked at jumping into the Sheraton Move. However, others did and Malaysians need to be given clearer details of the bribery that has tempted the less worthy fellows who took up the offer he refused.

If the Tebrau MP wishes to keep his counsel for now, he ought to be brought as a witness when PKR finally launches its multi-million ringgit court cases against the frog MPs who broke their commitment to voters NOT to sell their seats to the highest political bidders…. namely the crooks from UMNO and those who became their agents, like Azmin Ali.


No Salary/Remunerations? Serving on PAC Waste of Time!

Willie claimed that he was removed from the PAC because he was determined to tell the truth.

“I don’t regret being removed from PAC as that post is without salary and remunerations, but what I regret the most is we are (I was then) from reform party, who advocate justice, fight kleptocracy, talk about transparency and accountability and yet we don’t practice what being preached,” said Willie in his post.

Najib shared Willie’s post, saying it was an example of how Pakatan Harapan had made false allegations against him and BN.

“Up to now Guan Eng has escaped action after he lied to the Dewan Rakyat that I have robbed RM19.2 billion of GST money,” said the ex-premier.

Our comment

Was ever a more self-revealing statement made than this by the winsome Willie Mongin?

Why waste time on the hard slog of auditing the government on behalf of the people for NO EXTRA PAY when you can betray your voters, hop parties and pick up a fat extra salary and a fancy car by supporting a Malay supremacist bunch of kleptocrats?

Wong Chen, who says he has been libelled by Willie, points out this young parvenue barely opened his mouth during the PAC hearings, yet is now complaining he was removed.

But, from Willie’s perspective why bother to open your mouth if you are not paid extra for what comes out?  His MP salary is only for him to sit there surely?

To be fair to the doe-eyed Azmin groupie it is more than probable that he kept silent because he had nothing sensible to say and understood little of what was going on.

After all, his type expect to be told what to do and be paid for it.

Riza's Empty Deal - More Revelations!

“There will not be a review of Riza’s matter before a High Court judge,” the court official said, adding that Shaharudin’s letter seeking a review had been sent to Zaini on Wednesday evening.

…. Lawyer A Srimurugan said the judge was not obliged to give a reason for his decision.

“But according to the facts of Riza’s case, the accused was only given a DNNA provided that he fulfilled his side of the agreement, failing which the prosecution could charge him for the same offence,” he said.

On May 14, Sessions Court judge Azman Ahmad allowed the application after ad hoc prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram told the court that Putrajaya would receive a substantial sum from Riza, running into several million ringgit.

He said steps would be taken to ensure that Riza, who is the stepson of ex-prime minister Najib Razak, would only be given a full acquittal upon satisfactory completion of the agreement.


Our comment

Stern words from Malaysia’s prosecutors!

Riza is NOT yet discharged and will only be so upon satisfactory completion of the agreement to return the monies specified in his cosy deal, they thunder.

Except. We now know from the AG himself that it is the US Department of Justice who has the possession of these $108m worth of assets, so they are not Riza’s to give!

What Sarawak Report suggests needs now to be clarified by the AG’s office and the PM8 government is whether the money from these assets already formed part of the initial repayment of $300 million released by the US Department of Justice at the specific request of ‘PM8′ just last month? (a breaking of the department’s own rules regarding return of assets to kleptocrat governments).

If so, this whole process of releasing Riza is further revealed to be merely a grand facade. He is being let off on the condition he returns stolen money he no longer has possession of and which is likely to be revealed as money already returned by the US to Malaysia!

In fact, the real condition of this empty deal appears to be that Riza must let Malaysia KEEP the money it has already seized back from him, rather than surrendering the rest of his loot which is double that amount!

Meanwhile, Najib’s camp have started again barking about non-starter accusations about a house purchase by former finance minister Guan Eng, as if it began to mirror the outrageous level of theft and nepotism currently once more on display by this Crook Coup Coalition.

What Najib’s lawyer Mr Shafee is trying to deflect attention from, of course, is the pile of new ‘quick deals’ he has shoved on the desk of the increasingly shaky ‘PM8′ for his clients, Najib and Rosmah…. and indeed himself.

It is an art to be so sanctimonious and accusatory of others when one’s own record stinks to the skies above. Shafee Abdullah gets the gold prize in that department.

Parachute Plan Unfolds - Blame PH!

The representation letter was first sent to Thomas on Nov 18 last year by Riza’s lawyers Scivetti & Associates, listing the proposed settlements.

Thomas’ note to DPP Sri Ram

Thomas, referring to the letter, had then written to senior deputy public prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram:

“In the light of the statements in paragraphs 5.10, 5.14, 5.15. 5.18 and 5.19, I am prepared to consider this negotiations. Paragraphs 5.20 contained their terms of a proposed settlement. I await your advice,” he wrote.

Thomas however added he was not convinced that Riza would be a “good prosecution witness against his father”.

Yesterday, Sri Ram indicated that Riza could testify for the prosecution in the 1MDB trial involving the latter’s stepfather Najib Razak.

Our comment

With this carefully leaked ‘information’ to FMT the schemers behind Malaysia’s planned mass jail break of UMNO kleptocrats have doubly insulted the former AG by implying he is a low grade speaker of the English language.

Tommy Thomas is more than proficient, yet he is quoted as saying “I am prepared to consider this negotiations”. Such bad grammar tends to be the give-away for a Nigerian email fraud or indeed an UMNO cyber-trooper.

So, why not publish these documents and why not spell out exactly what paragraphs 5.10, 5.14, 5.15. 5.18 and 5.19 actually said if the paper has been made privy to so much information?

Or perhaps ask Riza’s lawyer, who is none other than the svelte, sparsely attired, bottle blond Italian wife of Shafee Abdullah (himself charged with taking 1MDB millions) Tania Scivetti?

Shafee has his own clutch of big name clients lining up behind wife Tania’s Riza, including Riza’s Mum and Dad who hope to parachute next out of the same loophole.

The plea papers are already on the new AG’s desk. All they want is to pin the whole blame on the previous AG and government by claiming they somehow opened the floodgates before PN came to power.

They want to claim that now that Riza has been ‘given a deal’ (thanks they allege to their predecessors) Najib and Rosmah and all the others must be equally let off the hook for nothing (canes and years in jail being only reserved for petty thieves who take from hunger).

This is despite the fact that NOTHING quoted by the FMT in its anonymous exclusive indicates that Tommy Thomas signed off on the ‘plea bargain’ request. Quite the opposite, their evidence says he would consider it and wanted to be further briefed.

Therefore, someone has misinformed the present AG who was told his predecessor signed off the deal.

Malaysia’s PH government were certainly at fault in one respect in the handling of these cases – for seeking to be fair and honourable and bending further than they needed when dealing with mafia politicians and their flunkeys. For a start, Shafee ought to have been disbarred and thrown off Najib’s case and sent immediately to trial.

The Malaysian Godfathers’ second series is now well under way…..

Stop Acting Like Children!

Kedah Umno members have lodged a police report against former Kedah menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir for his remarks claiming that former premier Najib Abdul Razak is the “protagonist” behind his political downfall.

The group, led by Ahmad Sudin, a former Kedah state executive councillor cited Mukhriz’s remark when he quit the state’s top post yesterday at Wisma Darul Aman.

Accompanying Ahmad at the Alor Setar police headquarters were Umno members from Alor Gandak, Taman Bandar Baru, Hutan Kampung and Pokok Sena.

Ahmad said Mukhriz’s statement contained “seditious elements and malicious intent” to incite the public against Umno.

Our comment

It is asking a lot of the UMNO mentality, but it is seriously time Malaysian political types provided a sensible example to their communities and stopped running to the police station to settle all their quarrels.

Mature politicians ought to be able to rebut an argument with which they disagree in a sensible manner without complaining to ‘teacher’ or the local bobby in this case.

If Mukhriz thinks he was moved against by Najib, he is within his rights to say it. That’s politics. Feel free to answer back.

Modern democracies rely on people being able to openly express their views and opinions and laws such as ‘sedition’ and large chunks of the MCMC Acts are on the PH list of items to be rightly got rid of.

Unfortunately, the huge jobs left to be done in terms of chasing up UMNO’s political criminals and sorting out the results of all those thefts means such laws had not yet been removed from the statute books.

It is only criminal, backward politicians who seek to use them though, in order to silence rightful criticism.

A Nice Try By A Piggy In The Middle

The controversy surrounding the decision to discharge film producer Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz over money laundering charges should end with the Attorney General’s statement, says the case’s lead prosecutor.

Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram, who led the prosecution against the stepson of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, responded briefly when asked to comment on Attorney General Tan Sri Idrus Harun’s statement on Sunday (May 17).

Once (the) AG has made a statement, that is the end of the matter,” said the former federal court judge in a text message to The Star.

On Thursday (May 14), Riza was given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal by the Sessions Court here over five counts of money laundering involving US$248mil (RM1.25bil) linked to the controversial 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Following the court’s decision, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said in a statement that the government was expected to recover overseas assets worth an estimated US$107.3mil (RM465.3mil) following an agreement struck between the prosecution and the accused.

It also said that the agreement, through representation to the authorities, was a decision considered and agreed to by former AG Tan Sri Tommy Thomas.

Thomas, however, denied this in his statement to a news portal.


………   On 18th November 2019, the Solicitors sent a letter of representation to this Chambers seeking for a review of all five (5) charges against Riza Aziz in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court. The letter of representation, among others, proposed that Riza Aziz –

i. Surrender his rights in three (3) properties seized by the United States Department of Justice and for Riza Aziz to facilitate the return of the same or its value, to the Government of Malaysia. The properties in question are as follows:
a. One (1) unit of bungalow located in Beverly Hills, California;
b. One (1) unit of apartment located in New York, and
c. One (1) unit of townhouse in London, United Kingdom;

2. Agreeable to have the monies seized from him which form the subject matter in a related matter before the Kuala Lumpur High Court, be forfeited to the Government of Malaysia; and

3. Pay a compound pursuant to section 92 of the Anti- Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001.

I have been advised that my predecessor Tan Sri Tommy Thomas, after perusing the said letter of representation, via a minute dated 19th November 2019 to Senior Deputy Public Prosecutor Dato’ Seri Gopal Sri Ram, sought the views of the latter, and further stated that in light of the proposals outlined above, he is prepared to consider the representation.

I have been further advised that Dato’ Seri Gopal Sri Ram, in consultation with the then Chief Commissioner of MACC, Puan Latheefa Koya, suggested that the proposals laid down in the letter of representation be accepted by MACC. I have also been advised that Tan Sri Thomas had agreed to the suggestion [EXCERPT]

Our comment

It is called ‘closing ranks’ and ‘protecting one’s own’. The new AG has been let down and embarrassed thanks to pressure from the top and a crass remark by a senior law officer.

The result has been a disastrous show of buckpassing and incompetence throughout the Malaysian judicial system as everybody has sought to avoid responsibility for a disgraceful and corrupt deal to get the former PM’s son off the hook over his massive multi-million dollar thefts from the public purse.

The new AG who signed the order must of course take ultimate responsibility.  However, all can see (and indeed sympathise over) the impossible pressure he was under from his political bosses. His alternative was to resign and the substitute would probably have been a far worse appointment.

So… ‘someone’ sugared the pill for this reluctant agent of the law by ‘misinforming’ him that his predecessor had OK’d Rosmah’s bargain to give up some of the town houses in NY, London and LA in return for Riz’s freedom and his passport back (plus plenty remaining in the bank).

An equally sheepish MACC boss sought to avoid the blame himself by also referring to the same alleged earlier agreement to the deal by the former AG, which the same set of ‘someones’ must have used on him.

Naturally, the outraged former AG refuted the matter in the strongest terms for what it was – an attempt by the present illegitimate coup coalition to blame its predecessors for the cosy, corrupt bargains it has been making with its key supporters in UMNO to continue to prop up ‘PM8’s’ bogus, untested and unconvincing claim to a majority in Parliament.

The new AG responded that this is what he had been ‘led to believe’.

At which point the piggy in the middle of the whole affair, the veteran prosecutor and former judge Gopal Sri Ram, has tried to rule an end to the matter and save his senior colleague, the present AG (who ought to have queried and investigated the matter thoroughly rather than push it through because of the pressure he was under) from further embarrassment.

Sadly, in a matter this serious, such a solution will not do in a democracy. The public is now rightly aware, thanks to the buck passing remarks of senior officials, that there has been undue pressure on law enforcers and that untoward decisions have been made.

The reason is obvious, which is that there has been an abuse of political power and interference in the justice system to offer favouritism to the step-son of a politician with a criminal record as long as his arm, who is holding the present prime minister to ransom as everyone knew he would.

If this matter is pushed under the carpet, as Gopal Sri Ram would like to see in order to protect his professional colleagues, then there will be no brake whatsoever on a whole string of other exonerations that criminally charged politicians would like to see go through. Rosie will have her private jet on an open booking.

So, despite the headmasterly tone of this revered former judge, telling the prefects to pipe down and get in line, the press and public ought and will continue to probe this matter in the national interest and in favour of good governance at a time when both are under grave threat.

The questions which ought now be answered are:
1)  Who lied to the present AG and the head of the MACC that Riza’s deal had been accepted by the previous AG?
2)  Who told that person to tell this lie and fix the case?

Without doubt the trail will go back to the controlling orchestrator of the ‘PM8′ desperado coup coalition, Azmin Ali. He will have been petitioned by his longstanding friend Rosmah, who will have reminded him that the present ‘PM8′ relies on the cooperation of her husband’s political party and recognition of the Pahang Sultan, who is the present Agong.

Such corruption and undue influence mongering needs to be flushed out. The electorate showed its rightful disapproval of the Rosmah Regime in GE14 and that is exactly the form of government that has been returned.

As before, the truth must be exposed.


Baru's 'Vision' Flags Up His Plan To Join PSB


After the aftermath of the political intrigue in Kuala Lumpur last month, I am back at my legal practice, as well as being an independent MP and ADUN. I have yet to join a political party.

While keeping safe at home due to the enforcement of the MCO due to Covid19, I have some time to ponder upon my next political step……

…in line with the strong Sarawak local sentiment, I have examined all the locally based political parties operating in Sarawak, particularly those deemed to be in opposition to BN/GPS. I must say that the constitution of the Party Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) is quite attractive…..

The objectives of PSB resonate with my ideals and I believe, with the ideals of most Sarawakians. Most importantly, the party promotes multi-racialism and unity.

As to joining an existing political party or forming a new political party, I am looking at the stand similar to that of Party Warisan Sabah that captured the sentiment and the desire of Sabahans – a locally based party fighting for their state rights and becoming a crucial player not only in determining who sits in Putrajaya but in playing a pivotal role in balancing the political process towards a truly Malaysian Nation. But above all, it must be a party that shares, primarily, this “My Vision of Hope” for Sarawak.

16th April 2020
Baru Bian

Our comment

Sarawak Report was accused of rumour-mongering last week when we reported that Baru Bian intends to join PSB, a wealthy party backed by Taib’s timber barons, who want to continue to ‘play a pivotal role’ in controlling Sarawak and indeed Malaysia.

Now, in this very wordy statement (dated for tomorrow but published on his behalf today) Baru has after several lengthy paragraphs of stating his principles acknowledged in his own words that he is indeed looking to join PSB.

He doesn’t quite explain why he thinks PKR/PH let him down, since his former party shares all the principles that he as a minister in a PH government was supposed to be putting into practice. Instead, he supported a rebellion that has brought down that government and brought to power a backdoor coalition of racist, intolerant and criminal politicians of the sort he and his former allies had sought to stand against.

Now he says he wants to stand against this backdoor government as well, but with new allies. Unfortunately, those new allies are historically wedded to the very same corrupt and intolerant forces he still claims to oppose and whom he has allowed back into power.

Sadly, this has been a story not of principles, but of selfish and short sighted in-fighting that led Sarawak PKR to support a rebellion that toppled a government dedicated to the very ideals  Baru still claims to espouse. Those ideals had been far from wholly implemented – Baru must take his own share of responsibility as a former minister for that – but they have now been thrown out of the bus by the coup coalition he helped bring to power.

The best that can come of it all is that these quarrelling former allies remember what those principles they like to go on at such length about actually mean, and begin to show some humility and respect for the people they represent by getting back towards working together for the public good instead of cosying up to timber barons, who don’t share any of these principles at all.