Banning Books Is For Those Who Fear Freedom

Umno Youth has called for action against the author, editor and publisher of a book on Malaysian politics and alleged that the cover image was an affront to Malaysia’s coat of arms.

Youth wing leader Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said the book, “Rebirth: Reformasi, Resistance, And Hope In New Malaysia” should be banned.

He had included a link to a Facebook page which features the book. Shortly after his posting, the page appearfed to have been taken down, and the link drew a blank.

The book cover image bears a resemblance to the national coat of arms, and features a naked child flanked by two tigers with humanoid faces stepping on a crocodile.

“Such action clearly shows the author of the book is belittling the dignity of the coat of arms and had insulted the symbol of the nation’s sovereignty,” Asyraf said in a Facebook post this evening.

He said stern action should be taken against the author, editor and publisher “if it is proven there was an intention to insult the nation’s official symbol”.

Asyraf said the publication of the book had shown that a 2016 decision to impose heavier penalties, including a maximum jail term of three years and a maximum fine of RM20,000 had not been enough to deter people from openly insulting such symbols.

The book, which was published this year, features articles by political analysts and journalists, and includes reports on the 2018 general election.

Our comment

Presumably this none too youthful UMNO warlord plans to invade Australia, where this book was edited, and impose strict laws requiring the worship of sacred symbols in place of freedom of speech and expression.

The British College of Arms, on whose designs and traditions the heraldry is based, would of course be mystified as to why a symbol cannot be cartooned by people seeking to make a point.

In places where people are free to think – after all freedom to think is the foundation for technical progress and intellectual development in any advanced society – it happens all the time.

But, of course this UMNO goon comes from the same stock as those block heads who screamed and shouted over cartoons depicting Najib as a clown. They prefer to rely on armies of angry folk in red shirts waving sticks and shaking fists as an expression of political views rather than more subtle symbolism or, heaven forbid, reasoned debate.

Of course, he is right to be fearful that information and ideas often prove ten times more powerful than threatening mobs of ‘yes men’ and that is the topic of this book – how a sea change of ideas and a revolt against corruption brought his own crooked government down at the last election.

It is as much the content of this book as the cover that must trouble the ageing youth leader – if you wish to erase the past and impose thug rule you must first burn the books.

Those Who Harass Journalists Always Have Something To Hide

The editor-in-chief of health news portal CodeBlue has maintained that their series of four stories on findings from an independent inquiry into the Johor Baru’s Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) fire were based on declassified information.

Boo Su-Lyn, who wrote the four articles published in March, was yesterday summoned to the Putrajaya district police headquarters for questioning in relations to a probe believed to be under the Official Secrets Act 1972.

“I maintain that the report was declassified from the OSA before the publication of my articles on CodeBlue,” Boo told Malaysiakini today.

The articles in question quoted then Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad as saying that findings detailed in the 225-report sighted by CodeBlue have been declassified.

The findings were based on an independent inquiry – of the 2016 incident which claimed six lives – conducted by a seven-member committee led by former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Hishamudin Yunus.

Our comment

On what possible grounds could the report of an enquiry into a hospital fire merit classification as an ‘official secret’?

And what subject could have better grounds for investigation by the media in the public interest than a fire at a public service where people expect to be healed and protected but as a result of which six people ended up dead?

When people in power use the police to harass journalists in cases like this the public quite rightly jumps to the only possible conclusion, which is that people in power have something to hide.

Were negligence or corruption found to have contributed to the loss of life from this fire? If not, why cover up the findings of an enquiry whose WHOLE PURPOSE is to learn lessons from the incident which can be publicised to prevent further similar tragedies?

Regimes which bully and harass journalists are merely proving to everyone that they are unable justify their own conduct as revealed by those journalists. Otherwise they would simply provide the facts and answers rather than arresting, intimidating and seeking to silence reporting of the outcome of an official enquiry.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism has noted an upsurge of such cases since the Coup Coalition snatched power and suspended parliament – it defines the moment.

Flattered - Najib Razak Simply Cannot Ignore Sarawak Report!

“Amat malang apabila portal berita itu kini berubah menjadi perkakas politik bagi menjaja dan menyebarkan fitnah melalui laporan yang tidak berpaksikan kebenaran.” kata PMO.

Eh? PM8 baru sedar bahawa Sarawak Report ini sebenarnya kaki fitnah?……

Thousands of comments condemning the messenger!

Thousands of comments condemning the messenger!


“Very unfortunate when the news portal is now turning into a political tool to spread slander through reports that do not tell the truth.” says PMO.

Eh? PM8 Just realised that Sarawak Report is actually a slander blog?

Ask Sarawak report where the “evidence” of Justo that Sarawak Report took out for years is probably proof that I stole the 1MDB MONEY?

Why is Justo never called a witness in my case trial?

Not only is he not called, even one document from Justo is not used by the prosecutor as proof in my case.

Our comment

It appears that the self-exculpating Najib simply cannot resist going on about beastly Sarawak Report. We are his regular Facebook topic and perhaps we should be flattered.

If it were not for the ‘lies’ of this journalist, he tells gullible people who want to believe (and/or his paid cyber-army) none of the global investigative agencies would have frozen 1MDB money and a slew of his family assets and he would not be facing a list of charges and several court cases.

True, but on the other hand if Sarawak Report had been delivering “lies’, as he says, of course the rest would not have followed.

His favourite but utterly empty and ridiculous claim is that because Sarawak Report has not been called to give evidence at the trial, nor Xavier Justo, who obtained a copy of some 1MDB documents, it somehow means we lied.

So, to explain to those he is seeking to mislead, a journalist and even a whistleblower in a case like this is merely an indirect witness – we sounded the alarm.

Official investigators and prosecutors have now obtained the source evidence and have lined up the witnesses who were actually in the room along with the original documents, so who cares what we have to say or about our copies of those documents? Why waste court time like Najib’s defence?

Najib knows this, but he hopes impressionable people will think he is making sense. He cannot find answers for the facts before him, so he continues to deflect by blaming journalists and whistleblowers whose job in this matter was completed years ago.

While he delays and deflects he plots… to upturn an elected government to save his skin.

The Hyenas Are Back Grabbing As Never Before

Perbadanan Nasional Berhad’s (PNB) Abdul Jalil Rasheed, who today resigned from his position as group chief executive officer (CEO) and president said he had chosen the “difficult path” over enjoying the benefits of his position while having to battle his own good conscience….

“When I took this role on, I told myself I will never waver in my principles in performing my duties…

“I have always believed that no individual is larger than an institution. I have no intention to drag PNB into this. PNB must be safeguarded at all costs. Hence I have chosen the difficult path, one that is lonely and devastating for my family and me,” he said without elaborating.

Abdul Jalil said he had faced harassment during his tenure as group CEO and president. “The last straw for me was the harassment I had to endure from hate calls from unknown numbers, the hacking of my other corporate email account and my LinkedIn profile…

“The board has also approved the appointment of the successor, and the announcement will be made upon receipt of the requisite regulatory approvals,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bersatu supreme council member A Kadir Jasin claimed there were efforts by the new Perikatan Nasional government to turn PNB into a “gravy train”.

He claimed there were certain bumiputera entrepreneurs lobbying the government to get rid of Abdul Jalil so that they can make use of PNB for personal profit.,,

Meanwhile, business portal Focus Malaysia reported Stephen Hagger, the Malaysian head of investment firm Credit Suisse Securities, sent a note to investors about Abdul Jalil’s departure with the title “Politics: Eaten by the sharks”.

Hagger said Abdul Halil “knows right from wrong, is not afraid and understands markets” but is “swimming with the sharks”.

FocusMalaysia, quoted from Hagger’s notes to investors, said Jalil had “done that very rare thing in Malaysia and that is to resign in order to protect his own principles and maintain his integrity”.

“Before he started, he made it very clear that he would resign rather than cross a red line,” Hagger added.

Hagger said it was not clear what the red line was, but it was likely related to his refusal to give “side income jobs” to politicians and turn a blind eye to malfeasance.

Yesterday saw another high-profile departure of a corporate leader appointed under the previous Pakatan Harapan government, namely Petronas president and CEO Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariddin….

Zulkiflee, in his parting message, urged his colleagues to always keep to their principles.

Our comment

The concept of struggling with one’s conscience and principles is of course lost on the present coup leaders in Malaysia who are using their unconfirmed time in office to try and lay hands of every source of public money to reward themselves.

Both the non-political heads of Petronas and of PNB have been thus hyena’d from their jobs in a matter of days.

Malaysians ought to be very fearful. Who will take their jobs as the signer in chief at these vital enterprises now? A relative or proxy of some PN bigwig or yet another financially illiterate ulama with a parliamentary seat who needs fed?

For those of you who had forgotten the scandalous depths to which the corruption of a decades old party of government had fallen and the illegal arts taught to its graduates (such as ‘PM8′ and Azmin Ali) this appalling display of smash and grab is surely the ultimate reminder?

Six decades of greedy decline of values under UMNO reached their apogee under Najib Razak. But nothing has yet compared to the antics of the desperate Muhyiddin, driven by Najib himself…… at the head of his “anti-corruption government”!

No Credibility From This Latest Najib Apologist

Former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali, who had on social media accused special prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram of trying to convince him to arrest former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, has taken his allegations to court.

An affidavit by Apandi (above) was filed on June 12 in relation to Najib’s RM2.28 billion 1MDB case, RM6.64 billion International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) case and RM47 million SRC International cases.

In the affidavit, he repeated the claims against Sri Ram which he uploaded on Facebook on June 10.

In the Facebook post, Apandi claimed that Sri Ram had approached him at his house in January 2018 under the instruction of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


Our comment

Apandi was one of those second grade criminals who avoided being prosecuted (for now) whilst the big fish were being hauled in over 1MDB.

However, the man is a proven liar who was prepared to embarrass himself before the world in return for a fat job from Najib Razak, whom he chose to exonerate whilst stupidly waving the evidence towards the cameras.

In short. ex-Attorney General Apandi is not a credible witness and he is not an objective one either. He failed to bring forward this evidence for two years until the political wheels turned – so much for an independent judicial figure.

Where is his alleged record of Sri Ram’s remarks and why would it matter if Sri Ram had advised him to do his job and charge Najib?

Apandi is no more independent than Ghani Patail and we know who appointed the both of them and why.

'PM8's Own Shocking Boasts Were Responsible For Talk Of A Royal Coup

This time, a voice resembling that of Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin is heard telling a group of people that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong was in favour of retaining Mahathir as prime minister even in the event of a change of government.

The voice proposed a scenario whereby Mahathir would not resign but become the leader of a Perikatan Nasional-led government and that he (the voice) has already told Mahathir that he has consulted a former chief justice who advised that a resignation won’t be necessary.

“(He is) reimposing position but moving from Pakatan Harapan to Perikatan Nasional. Supposedly, that is. Perhaps it did not work out. That’s the situation,” the voice said in the audio clip posted last night.

The voice also supposedly claimed that the Agong had been informed of this plan on several occasions.

“The Agong’s sentiments, quote, unquote, he prefers this, what we are saying.

“He doesn’t get along (tak kena) with (PKR president) Anwar Ibrahim. He spoke frankly. Not that he wants to ‘sabotage’ him but he doesn’t like Anwar, if that is possible,” the voice said.

He also said a delegation of six people including himself was supposed to have an audience with the king at 6pm that day.

The five others were purported to be former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, Warisan president Shafie Apdal, Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Gabungan Parti Sarawak chairperson Abang Johari Tun Openg, and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

For the record, Warisan ultimately took sides with Harapan for the Sheraton Move that took place in late February.

The voice said the delegation would attempt to show the Agong that Mahathir has the support of 133 MPs to form a new government through statutory declarations (SDs).

“The SDs mainly state support for Mahathir and whatever. So Mahathir can form A or B if he says so. Whatever.

“It’s open-ended. We don’t say we support Anwar or whoever else. I think that is not relevant, Anwar is not on my book,” the voice said….

Malaysiakini has contacted Muhyiddin’s office, Bersatu supreme council members and the palace on the audio clip and is waiting for their response.


Our comment

In this recording, which he has failed to deny was his own voice, the yet to be confirmed ‘PM8′ brags he schemed with the Agong to prevent the leader designate, Anwar Ibrahim, from taking up the mandate granted by the electorate to transition into office.

It is a shocking claim by Muhyiddin, almost as shocking as the fake figures he appears to have later presented to the Agong alleging he had some kind of majority support amongst MPs.

The assertion he makes in the recorded meeting is that he had had several meetings with the Agong to progress a plan to overturn the government of the day by swapping the head of it over to lead the opposition – all because he claims the Agong ‘doesn’t like’ Anwar!

As all Malaysia knows, then PM7 refused to engage in such an outrageous betrayal of his party, the people and Malaysia’s parliamentary democracy, so Muhyiddin and Azmin went ahead with the coup themselves.

The worst of this was the tactic implied by Muhyiddin’s words, of using the alleged complicity of the Agong to encourage others to go against the people’s mandate.

UMNO’s leaders were always a given in this plot (along with PAS) to get themselves out of the clutches of the law. However, the coup masters needed an added prod to persuade the East Malaysian support they needed – and here they clearly brag they employed this use of the Agong.

So, no wonder some have called this a ‘royal coup’, because it is exactly what the new ‘PM8′ was telling people that it was. He should report to the palace to apologise and then resign.

The Numbers Are Deadly For PN's Coup Masters

“Pakatan Harapan Plus” has a total of 107 parliament seats in its hands, says PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim today.

The opposition chief revealed this during a Facebook Live session this afternoon, where he touched on yesterday’s meeting between Harapan component party leaders and their allies, namely the Bersatu faction loyal to former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Warisan under Sabah Chief Minister Shafie Apdal.

“We got together and reached an agreement. (That) whatever strategy we use, we must stay together. The opposition must stand firm on its principles.

“Now we have 107 (seats) in this group (Harapan Plus), and we will move forward as a team to ensure that the people’s mandate is respected, and all the ‘kebobrokan‘ (damages), chaos, and corruption are put to a stop,” he said.

Our comment

Back in February the coup conspirators openly bragged that once they had the mandate they could ‘buy over’ the rest of parliament, just like they could ‘buy over’ local state assemblies.

And boy, did they set to work!

Throughout the pandemic Malaysia has been treated to a grotesque revival tour showcasing the worst of BN’s corrupted and disgraceful ‘money politics’, combined with high-handed hypocrisy, bullying, lawlessness and treachery.

But, where are we now?  Having stretched their elastic to the fullest extent PN can muster at most an alleged and untested 113 MPs, but only by including Sarawak GPS, who have pledged to support the majority coalition and are yet to formally join PN.  And, of course, GPS are bleeding support amongst local Dayaks as they face state elections whilst part of a Malay Muslim Supremacist coalition.

Meanwhile, PH has declared a united front with a core support of 107. That makes them the majority core coalition by far, given that PN can only muster 96 out of a rag tag of some 13 separate and competing parties.

As ‘Bosku’ Najib has himself said, that is an insufficient and unstable margin to run a government – and the core coalition is in the minority.

Everyone can see why the only people PN are not now letting back to work, despite passing no less than four vast un-legitimised and unsupervised budgets, are the MPs in Parliament who could boot them out.

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 07.48.08

Did Former AG Patail Declare His Family Connection?

An affidavit by former attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail aided former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman’s acquittal from graft charges.

This was revealed today by the current AG Idrus Harun, in explaining why prosecutors withdrew 46 charges against Musa this morning.

In a statement, Idrus said Gani (above) had issued the affidavit in support of Musa’s application to strike out the charges.

“The former AG defended the decision taken in 2012 to take no further action against Musa as investigation revealed the monies involved were political funding.

Our comment

Former AG Gani Patail has a close series of family ties with his fellow Sabahan Musa Aman, as previously reported by Sarawak Report.

Did he declare his interest when producing an affidavit on behalf of his relative by marriage?

Family ties

Family ties


Switzerland Is Still Chasing UBS Over Musa's Dirty Musa Money

Former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman said evidence of his innocence against graft charges were “very clear” and “indisputable”.

In a statement after immediately after he was granted a full acquittaltoday, Musa also thanked God for ensuring justice was served.

Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to God that finally, by God’s will, I am given justice and my name is cleared from all allegations,” said Musa.

In early 2019, Musa was brought to court on several occasions to face various charges – 46 in all – related to dirty money from timber companies.

The offences allegedly took place between 2004 and 2008, involving 16 companies and financial institutions in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Our comment

Like Najib over Riza, this man is not satisfied with being let off the hook, he wants everyone to believe the millions that were sent from Sabah timber tycoons to his offshore companies and Zurich bank account with the label ‘for timber licence’ on the transfer notes were innocent.

It is strange he never sued Sarawak Report for laying out this information back in 2012 in numerous articles if he was so “indisputably” innocent of the charge.

Even stranger that UBS is still being prosecuted in Switzerland for ‘money laundering’ this money through their bank.

Can Musa Aman explain?

UMNO/PAS Logic - 'God Must Be On Our Side'

Kelantan Umno Youth has lambasted DAP Youth chief Howard Lee after the latter labelled the Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki as a hypocrite.

Lee’s remark came after Asyraf called for a political ceasefire among political parties to prepare for difficult economic times ahead.

“It’s clear that it was DAP and Pakatan Harapan who are actually hypocrites.

“Because of the fight between (PKR president) Anwar and (former premier) Mahathir Mohamad over prime minister post, the country’s administration had collapsed on itself without pressure from any party,” said its chief Noor Hariri Mohamed Noor.

Noor Hariri claimed that the political instability within Pakatan Harapan had victimised the people and affected the country’s economic development, on top of the previous government’s failure to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“God’s destiny had led the leaders under the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition to save the country from a wicked complot masterminded by DAP.

Our comment

These chaps have decided God is on their side, since they have made so much money by abusing public office.

Therefore it is OK for them to politick, break the rules and loot the public coffers on a grand scale, whilst condemning others over the self same things.

And also to lie. Anwar and Mahathir were not “fighting” when PN staged their coup – they had just publicly announced their unity over transfer plans, which forced the plotters seduced by UMNO to walk out on the pretext of a quarrel they had failed to provoke, despite best efforts.

It was the Sheraton Move, the illegal handouts of emoluments, the pulling of establishment strings and a series of bald lies that lay behind the present unlegitimised coup coalition, not an ‘implosion of PH’.

Don’t blame these on God. It is all at UMNO’s door.