'Clean' Government?

The Perikatan Nasional government has reportedly asked Bakke Mohd Salleh, who is known to be among the few people within 1MDB who spoke up before it devolved into a global scandal, to resign as the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) chairperson.

The Straits Times reported that Bakke (above) had been asked to vacate the post which he was appointed to by the previous Pakatan Harapan government in July 2018.

Bakke resigned from the 1MDB board after its management allowed US$700 million to be diverted to Good Star Ltd, a company controlled by businessperson Low Taek Jho in 2009.

The report said the move, and several more attempts by the PN government to assert its own appointments are aimed at appeasing supporters.

Our comment

The mask has slipped off fast enough!

Who believed the golfing ‘PM8′ in the first place when he claimed that he would keep a ‘clean’ government, despite being wholly dependent on ‘Bossku’ and his gang for his inadequate numbers in parliament?

Najib’s price, along with all the others facing trial, has been to be let off jail. They have sacrificed positions in the bogus cabinet in return for backroom command and that includes instructions that Sarawak Report has learnt have already been sent out to the judges in Najib’s trial to find him innocent.

The plan is to take their time on that, of course. After all the world knows the truth about these stolen billions. But, meanwhile, Bosku and his boys want key revenge on cronies who split on them.

Salleh was far too honest for the good old tradition Malaysia they can’t wait to get back to. For the good of everybody, one needs to understand.

Who Is The 'Head Of A Family'?

The Malaysian government’s decision to allow only “the head of the family” to leave the house to shop, as part of measures to suppress the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, has had unintended consequences.

Some men are unexpectedly finding themselves responsible for the grocery shopping and suddenly having to distinguish between bewildering varieties of vegetables, spices and herbs.

“Govt allowing a man to shop unsupervised? Disaster,” was the immediate jokey conclusion of one woman on Twitter.

Several men concurred, however, expressing their anguish on social media.

One Facebook post of three men scrutinising pieces of paper in a supermarket aisle has been shared more than 30,000 times, with poster Muzaffar Rahman saying the shopping felt like “a treasure hunt”, with everyone checking their lists several times.

“The real meaning of panic buying is when the husband as the head of the household has to go and buy groceries on their own.”

Our comment

Britain’s BBC may have had a good humoured laugh at Malaysian men and their confusion over being sent to do the shopping, but why was it assumed by Malaysians in the first place that men are the ‘Heads’ of their households?

Is there any kind of civil law that puts men in charge of other adults in their family? Is it not the case that women may frequently happen to be the higher earner or indeed what about a household that has no men or a man who is sick in bed?

How does one identify oneself at a shop or to a roadblock as a ‘Household Head’?  And why should it matter what sex you are if you are unaccompanied and ready with your list and shopping bag?

Most importantly, how could this newly self-appointed government issue such a stupid, confusing and unhelpful national decree about the ‘status’ of shoppers at such a time?

It goes to show that wholly outdated notions about social hierarchies, social privileges and social divisions still reign foremost in the minds of this reactionary Coup Coalition rather than cool headed science, such as social distancing.

Is Malaysia So Corrupt That People Don't Understand What IS Corrupt?

PKR’s Subang MP Wong Chen today suggested that Pakatan Harapan was partly responsible for the current Perikatan Nasional government’s decision to starve opposition MPs of funding.

Wong Chen said Harapan had the chance to right the situation but instead decided to perpetuate the practice by BN.

“How did we get into this mess? When we won in 2018, the Harapan leadership decided to ‘punish’ the then opposition by limiting their operational budget and denying them community funds.

“While Harapan MPs got RM300,000 to run our office, the opposition got only RM100,000. Then Harapan MPs received RM3.5 million to spend on our community, the opposition got a big fat zero.

“Why did we do this? Who knows? Maybe some in the leadership wanted ‘revenge’ because that was what happened to us prior to 2018. Maybe some in the leadership wanted to ‘starve’ the opposition to entice them to frog jump to us.


Our comment

Thus complains a Harapan MP, who rightly criticises the failure to reform the practice of handing out money to MPs.  Except, only to the extent he suggests all MPs should get the same amount of public money to keep constituents personally grateful to them.

Anyone from a country where there is good governance and honest public accounting would be shocked by the attitude that has become entrenched in Malaysia that it is OK for MPs to effectively hand out public cash. Large sums of taxpayer’s money have no place in the hands of MPs to arbitrarily hand out on ‘projects’.

These elected officials exist solely to represent the wishes of the people about the policies the government should follow, not to act like feudal lords with the people’s own money.

As this MP implies, ALL such handouts should have been abolished on Day 1 for the corrupt and self-serving practice by a political class that it is.  The leader of PKR has made clear this is his reform agenda and that he wishes to see communities provided with direct government support according to clear criteria that is equally managed according to need.

Politicians are there to argue about those policies and to argue on behalf of their constituents, but it is for the government to make the decisions and to authorise any such spending.

A constituent may thank or reward an MP who argues their case well, but it will be in that context of a decision by a government who has had to balance all the interests of the country.

The Malaysian government habit has been to hand a big fat sum of public money to government MPs so they can buy their voters with the voters’ own money. The leader of PKR understands the problem and so do his MPs.  If Harapan return to office these dirty old practices ought to be the first to be thrown out of the window.

Why should any constituent be forced to beg or thank an MP to get back some of their own money?

Tackling Covid 19 Or Partying In Triumph?

Wait for ‘big’ announcement on Covid-19 tonight – Muhyiddin:

Zuraida manages to fit in a party (paid for by Vincent Tan?) between Cabinet meeting and Shut Down announcement

Zuraida manages to fit in a party (paid for by Vincent Tan?) between Cabinet meeting and Shut Down announcement

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has urged the public to wait for “big news” which he will announce tonight after a meeting with all ministries and government agencies involved in handling the Covid-19 outbreak.

“I’ll announce today quite a big news, please just bear with me until this evening,” Muhyiddin said in a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya today.

He said the government views this problem with the utmost seriousness, especially now that “we are coming to the second wave of the problem”.

The Health Ministry has similarly asked the public to wait for an announcement from the prime minister tonight.

Earlier, Muhyiddin had also announced a series of expanded schemes under the economic stimulus package first presented on Feb 27, by then-interim prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Our comment

Will this announcement be before or after the ex-PKR plotter, Zuraida Kamaruddin, holds her ‘Thanksgiving Dinner” to celebrate her return to her ministerial position in an UMNO/PAS backdoor government?

PKR plotter Zuraida plans to hold a 'Thanksgiving' event tonight to celebrate her successful elevation to minister as part of the backdoor coup

ex-PKR plotter Zuraida plans to hold a ‘Thanksgiving’ event tonight to ‘celebrate her appointment’ as minister as part of the backdoor coup

The Housing and Local Government ministry is great for project patronage, so of course Zuraida is grinning from cheek to cheek having retained it through betraying her voters, just as she was due to be sacked from the old government thanks to undermining her former colleagues.

Given this is being held at a Berjaya Hotel the finger prints of one key crony from old times, Vincent Tan, are all over the event. After all, no doubt that Vincent was in with the plotters – he wants Malaysia back to where is was before…. and what else was he doing meeting with Azmin Ali at London’s most expensive Chinese Restaurant (China Tang) at the Dorchester last year?

What neither this Zuraida nor any of her fellow backdoor plotters appear to have yet grasped is that with power comes responsibility. All they are showing interest in is the trappings of office – parties, golf amid sanctimonious talk of their self-sacrifices.

Or did Zuraida and her friends sit well apart from one another and serve themselves?  It doesn’t look like it.

Moral Leadership Or Grasping Greed?

Newly-appointed Environment Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man today has defended logging activities in Kelantan.

The PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, who clocked in at Putrajaya for the first day of his job, was asked to respond to criticisms on logging activities in PAS-led Kelantan.

“If you look at Kelantan, it has ISO certification, compared to other states that do not have any.

“It (criticism) is partly due to sentiment from the opposition,” he said.

Kelantan state government was heavily criticised in the past for allowing logging activities which cause Orang Asli community in Gua Musang to lose their forest reserve area.

Our comment

Out of all the portfolios PAS would want to leverage, is anyone surprised they went for the Environment? Pooh to moral guidance!

There are quick bucks to be made for cronies by wiping out what is left of God’s gifts on earth and these ‘religious’ folk want to make those bucks and direct the proceeds into their party pockets.

As the ringgit plunges in response to economic dismay at this backwards coup they will, of course, have to cut down far more trees than before to buy their coveted Mercs, Swiss watches, foreign medical treatment and all the rest.

Meanwhile, those indigenous people who have lived in harmony for centuries, along with the unparalleled animals and plants which the previous government was trying to save for future generations, are nothing to these purveyors of ‘religion’ in return for riches.

They will be left to perish.

Mahathir Gone Of The Rails, Time To Jump Overboard

In an earlier tweet, Ambiga also defended Mahathir’s plan to form a unity government which the latter said would focus on national interests and cut across political lines.

She was responding to another Twitter user who highlighted that Malaysians are concerned that if the 94-year-old leader is given a free hand to form a unity government, which included BN and PAS, there would be no opposition…

Ambiga retweeted another user’s concern that a snap polls risked “letting in the kleptocrats” and that a contest along issues of race and religion would damage the nation beyond repair.

Our comment

Mahathir has now moved beyond Ambiga’s support for his sudden enthusiasm for a ‘non-partisan’ government (giving him immense personal power).

Because now he has come out to indicate that, whilst he has not been ready yet to hand over to Anwar as so repeatedly promised, he is now by contrast willing to step aside for Muhyiddin:
We discussed, including the possibility that Muhyiddin might become a (PM) candidate … If everybody chooses him (as prime minister), I am okay” said Mahathir tonight.

Muhyiddin has at the same time stated as PM he would hop back to work with UMNO and include all the crooks Bersatu previously stood up against, who stole billions from the country.

So, Ambiga must now accept that Mahathir is prepared to support the kleptocrats before fulfilling his handover pledge repeated as late as Friday.

Time for PH supporters such as herself to abandon this zig zagging premier and stay true to their commitments to the electorate?

Lame Excuse

Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and his group of former PKR lawmakers purported tonight that they had attempted to protect Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from being undermined by Pakatan Harapan.

In a statement issued after the group gathered at a hotel here, they claimed the attempt to have Dr Mahathir set a date to step down as prime minister would have removed his authority and consigned him to being a “lame duck PM”.

“As such, we took proactive steps to foil this conspiracy to depose the prime minister mid-term,” they said in a statement.

Our comment

Read the comments. In a sentence, whom do this band of lame losers think they are kidding?

These are the coup conspirators who forced the elderly man they are pretending to champion into a resignation over their weekend antics.

Dr Mahathir does not want to stay in office until he is 100 years old.  He just wanted space to leave when he felt his job was done and on his own terms. Everyone else in PH was willing to grant him that space in good faith. They committed to the principle on Friday – lame duck, my foot!

The only man who walked out of that meeting on Friday, where with smiles all round this respectful deal was publicly confirmed, was the rebel coup-master, Azmin Ali.

Azmin is the type who pretends respect whilst using the object of ‘worship’ as a shield for his own abuse. Like military juntas who hide behind royals or priests who abuse in the name of religion.

No one believes Azmin’s boys and their bogus concerns for their own object of supposed worship. Everyone had already shown their respect. This was about treachery and an attempt to disrupt the planned transition – to thwart a continuance of government that would keep Azmin and his new friends in UMNO and PAS away from the levers of power (and in the sights of the law).

Malaysians know a traitor and a humbug when they see one and those who have joined Azmin have already discovered that this is not the story of a lame duck, but of a lame horse – and they are riding it. Read the comments.