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Official Secret - I Am A Crook!

Previously, Pua had raised issue about several lines regarding Bank Negara’s information that had been removed from the final PAC report on 1MDB by Hasan, without the committee’s consent.

“This finding is crucial to the entire investigations of 1MDB because the company and its executives have testified to PAC that Good Star is a subsidiary of PetroSaudi,” Pua said in a statement on April 20.

In a parliamentary reply, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman Said stated that the lines were expunged because the matter is classified and not meant for public consumption.

“The PAC chairperson received Bank Negara’s information which stated all the information given was ‘confidential for the purpose of intelligence only and not for court usage or public report’.

“For your information, all PAC members had been informed of the matter via a letter penned by the PAC chief to the deputy governor of the central bank on April 6.

“Given that PAC report is for public usage, the information should not be included in the report,” Azalina told Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng, who had asked the question, on May 16.

Our comment

Amongst the team of knowing co-conspirators who will have to go down with Najib, Azalina ranks high.

This outrageous complicity in attempting to make any information that proves the crimes associated with 1MDB and who is responsible into an official secret confirms her complicity.

The small circle of power-abusers around Najib have now made the Auditor General’s evidence and the evidence of Bank Negara to Parliament ‘Official Secrets’, because both are cast iron and undeniable solid evidence that the Prime Minister cannot afford to have made public.

Both these official reports show without any doubt that US$7billion was stolen from 1MDB.  They also show that much of it was funnelled through the company Good Star Limited during the PetroSaudi deal. The rest went through the bogus Aabar account and the unaudited SRC International.

This behaviour is not even a ‘cover up’ attempt by the Najib circle, it is merely a ‘shut up’ attempt.

Black Is White, According To Najib

There is no misappropriation in 1MDB’s accounts and administration, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak told Parliament, quoting the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Nor are the accounts and administration disorganised, Najib said in a parliamentary written reply.

“PAC has claimed that there is no misappropriation in 1MDB’s accounts and administration, nor was it disorganised,” he said.

“There was only weakness in the administration of the company,” Najib told Mahfuz Omar (Pokok Sena).

Mahfuz asked what actions had been taken by the management after the 1MDB report by PAC was tabled in Parliament.

“The inspector-general of police has said the police will study the PAC’s proposal (to determine) if there is any element that requires further investigation and action,” Najib added.

Our comment

Hey, did someone pass the PM the wrong report?

Surely, he is not referring to the damning and shocking report of the PAC, which has made clear that there was an appalling misappropriation of money and that it was all down to a system put in place, which gave him total personal charge of the company and by-passed the authority of the board?

Of course, who would not take advantage of a situation where they are appointed judge and jury of their own case?

And if that enables him to claim that a damning report was a vote of confidence then of course he has.

It is onlookers, such as the businessmen cum Lords in the UK, who have chosen to pretend that Najib is subject to genuine judicial processes and to ‘suspend judgement’, who earn greatest opprobrium in this matter and they deserve to be shamed.


Hugo And Jonathan - A Tale of Two Far East Businesses and 'Muslim' Money!

British politicians were forced to justify their attendance at an investment event hosted by the Malaysian government in London this week to promote Malaysia as an investment destination.

UK minister in the foreign office, Hugo Swire, told the Wall Street Journal he did not want to cast final judgement over corruption allegations in Malaysia.

He also said British government support for the investment conference did not contradict an anti-corruption conference in London the week before.

“What we decided there and what was discussed there has universal application but I am not aware that that should impact on anything we are discussing this afternoon,” Swire reportedly said.

“I am not setting myself up as a judge and a jury.”

Jonathan Marland, a House of Lords member and former British trade envoy told the Wall Street Journal he did not want to interfere in Malaysia’s internal matters by commenting on 1MDB.

Marland, who introduced Najib at the event, reportedly described the event as a “huge love-in”.

“When our country was on its knees you came and invested,” Marland reportedly told Najib, referring to the RM4 billion Battersea redevelopment by SP Setia, Sime Darby and the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)

British Minister turns up after all, along with new Mayor..  advertised in Malaysia as a flexing of Muslim muscles in the UK!

NO UK PRESS WAS ALLOWED TO THIS EVENT IN THEIR OWN CAPITAL CITY – However, British Minister Sajeed Javid turns up after all, along with the new ‘Muslim’ Mayor…. which was all then advertised in Malaysia as a flexing of Muslim muscles in the UK – UK Ambassador in tow!

Our comment

Hugo Swire might have done better to have stayed as the Minister in charge of Museums, if he hadn’t been sacked for suggesting that visitors should be charged.

It is certainly unfortunate that his present position is so directly related (as Foreign Office Minister for Far East matters) to his family’s vast business in the region (the Swire Group).

Hugo, nevertheless, made huge play of his outrage over China’s anti-democratic tendencies in Hong Kong, so one wonders why he is so willing to ignore just as outrageous, if not far worse, human rights abuses in Malaysia, where people are being imprisoned for questioning grand scale corruption?

As for the UK’s signal failure of all the countries caught up in the global 1MDB scandal to take a single action on the matter, it is plainly inadequate to say that the British Government has no ‘proof of wrong-doing’, because Sarawak Report is well aware that the PetroSaudi and other documentation has been made available to UK officials and their ministers for as long and indeed in many cases longer than other countries, where action has been taken.

It is, doubtless, unfortunate also that the government to which Mr Swire belongs, considered the virtual dismantling of the country’s white collar crime agencies to be an essential part of its so-called ‘belt-tightening’ after the 2008 financial crash, which was caused by crooked bankers, who are generally extremely friendly to their party.  Sadly, as a result, not one of these crooked bankers has been properly investigated for their crimes, whilst his government has meanwhile chosen to blame “excessive welfare” given to the poorest for that financial crisis.

This government even indulged in deception last week, by informing the UK press that it would avoid any official acknowledgement of Najib’s supposedly “private” visit and then sending their Business Minister Sajeed Jarvid to meet with him anyway.

And it turns out that Swire’s Jardine & Mathesen colleague in the House of Lords, Jonathan Marland, went even so far as to say he welcomed Najib with an open arms “love-in” for so kindly investing Malaysia’s money in the Battersea Power Station development, which has now created an ugly blot on the Southern Thames.  Yes, many entities with ready cash invested in the UK post 2008 and have handsomely profited from their advantage.

Yet, if this development is not riddled with corruption and theft from the Malaysian people, Mr Swire will have to accept it will be a first such venture under Najib Razak, who together with his UMNO cronies have never been known not to cut a disgusting private profit from any public venture, and the truth of the Battersea project will inevitably eventually be known to decide that point.

As for the guilt over 1MDB. Mr Swire does not need to be judge and jury in this matter. Najib has himself acknowledged taking a billion dollars into his own account, does Mr Swire need to be judge or jury over that? No, he does not.

Nor is there any question about Malaysia’s plunging human rights situation, which Swire’s betters in the United States Department of State have already properly condemned. The destruction of Malaysia’s democratic base has been conducted purely to protect the reputation of its leader, which Swire has decided to act judge and jury over, in place of the people of Malaysia (now banned from demonstrations and online criticism), by welcoming him to London.

The facts are out there, and it is purely that this UK Government wishes to ignore them.  It has tarnished Britain’s reputation that it has done so and has added to the growing world opinion that the City of London is a City of Launderers, which needs instant rectification for the benefit of Britain.



The Net Closes On Jas And The Gang In The US!

Leissner received a six-figure deposit into his account from Jasmine Loo about a year after she had left 1MDB, according to one of the people familiar with the situation. The transfer was made well after the Goldman-backed bond deals had been completed, the person said.

Loo didn’t immediately respond to messages left at her New York apartment building.

Goldman’s other regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Reserve Board, are also reviewing the bank’s activities with 1MDB, said the three people. Representatives from the Fed and SEC declined to comment.

In a previously reported U.S. probe, a kleptocracy unit of the Justice Department has been looking into whether politically connected Malaysians embezzled state funds to buy art and trophy properties in the U.S., people familiar with the probe have said.

Our comment

So, Bloomberg are back hot on the case as Najib’s list of “conspirators to defame him” gets longer and longer.

The people mentioned in this article are all old quarries of Sarawak Report, which has traced the jet-setting lives of the likes of Jasmine Loo and Tim Leissner for months and years.

Now it turns out that Ms Loo, who seems to have earned fantastic sums for her work at 1MDB, passing money into the buy out of UBG Group for a start, was investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in banker Tim Leissner’s start-up business.

He shouldn’t have accepted money from such a compromised source, linked to a business for which his own bank had raised billions…… should he?

And it seems that all that art work we have noted being bought and sold by the likes of Jho Low is also now under scrutiny…. and a whole lot more, we suspect, in the way of cars and properties across the globe.

PM Najib Ran From UK Media

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has fired an intercontinental salvo against his former mentor-turned-foe Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Speaking to reporters in London, he commented on the former premier’s remarks of preventing BN from winning in the upcoming by-elections, which is seen as a stab in the back.

Najib noted how during his 22-year tenure as prime minister, BN and Umno had helped Mahathir and his family reap enormous benefits.

“He and his family had derived a lot of benefits from his position as PM which was due to the strength of Umno and BN.

“So, when he told the people to reject the party which had done a lot, there were negative reactions against his stand because without BN and Umno, he would not have become prime minister or even a minister,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Najib was asked to comment on Mahathir’s statement which called on opposition parties to be united against BN in the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-elections on June 18.

Our comment

The only press who heard all this guff was Najib’s paid for pet media from Malaysia.  He could much more cheaply have spoken to them back home.

The UK press was barred from attending all his events, which given these were all private and not sanctioned by the UK Government, it was possible for him to do.

As, for example, Channel 4 News made clear, the reason for this was obvious, which is that the Malaysian Prime Minister dare not take questions from the free British media, which does not fear to ask the questions people actually want answers to.

Like, since the Auditor General has concluded in his report that US$7 billion has disappeared from 1MDB (which was directly under your control) why have you made his report an official secret and announced that it is “too early to conclude fraud” at 1MDB?

And why have you failed to call in the police to investigate?

Wasted Energy

Following the breakdown in seat negotiations, DAP and PKR, though allies in the opposition coalition, resolved to battle each other in six seats, and engaged in public verbal jousting.

But candidates from both parties were defeated in all the seats, and in some constituencies, their combined tallies had fallen short of the BN candidates’ votes.

This led observers to suggest that it could have been a backlash from opposition supporters vexed over the rift.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali however has chosen not to indulge in a blame game and called on the opposition parties to close ranks instead.

“This is not the time for recrimination but for reflection,” he said in a media statement.

“Although PKR maintained its seats, DAP’s defeat is our defeat. In fact, the defeat of any member of the coalition is a defeat for PKR.


Our comment

Azmin is, of course, right.

Onlookers were all bemused as to why these characters were wasting their energy arguing over who would have the privilege of losing, instead of doing whatever it took to win.

In order to win a party needs to show that it has the maturity to put the people’s interests before any candidate’s personal ego.

Then that party concentrates on tackling the real problems of the political battle ahead, which in this case was cheating, bribery, gerrymandering, abuse of power, intimidation and a good deal more.

Given those huge obstacles, the opposition should not overly chastise themselves therefore. Even if Adenan had not gained a single vote he and Najib would nevertheless have announced a ‘win’.

But, for the future let’s hope these parties give the corrupt BN establishment a better run for their money!

Low Turnout After High Payment = Voter Dissatisfaction

A lower state of anti-establishment sentiments is believed to have caused the low voter turnout at the Sarawak elections today. Barely more than half of Sarawak voters have gone to the polls with just over an hour before polling stations close.

Political analyst Dr Jeniri Amir of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak told FMT that voters had become complacent because of Sarawak Barisan Nasional chairman Adenan Satem’s popularity since he became chief minister two years ago.

He said BN supporters were confident that the ruling coalition would win with a big majority and some Opposition supporters who felt the same might have found it pointless to go out and vote.

The Election Commission reported a voter turnout of only 52% shortly before 4pm.

“When you have a high anti-establishment sentiment, the voter turnout will be high,” Jeniri said, explaining this would be the case as supporters of both sides wanted to ensure a victory for their side.

Our comment

This ubiquitous commentator is clearly a great expert in most things.

However, he tends to make his comments as if in a vacuum away from reality.

No mention from this chap, therefore, about such things as bribes, bullying or abuse of power on behalf of the ruling party.

Najib and Adenan threw huge sums at this election and promised hundreds of millions all over the state.  Envelopes of cash were handed out.

Under such circumstances a low turn out was a sure sign of disapproval. Thousands who had been paid to go and vote BN, decided to stay away instead.

This election saw 20% less people at the polls – what kind of positive wave for the ‘Adenan factor’ is that interpreted to be?

Peter Chin Cries 'Foul'? How About His OWN RM559 Million Project?

A former Sarawak political leader has criticised Sarawak Report for publishing images of cheques amounting to RM1 million purportedly issued by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to his party.

However, Peter Chin neither denied nor confirmed if the matter was true. The former Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president said the publication of the images at a time when Sarawak was facing its election was aimed at disparaging the image of SUPP and its candidates.

“This publication by Sarawak Report is, in my view, an effort to cast aspersions on the SUPP leadership then and now, in the hope of misleading voters on current issues that are important to the people of Sarawak,” Chin added in a media statement. Chin, who led SUPP from 2012 to 2014, described this as the work of the opposition.

Our comment

Perhaps, since Peter Chin is at last acknowledging articles by Sarawak Report, he would care to answer the information we published last year about his own involvement in a pre-GE13 RM559 million ‘Schools Project”, rushed through by Najib at his request just days before the election?

This is what we said:

Directly implicated was the then Energy Minister and Sarawak SUPP President Peter Chin, working in clear collaboration with a company called One BU Redha Services Sdn Bhd, which is closely linked to the now Governor and then Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

According to papers in our possession Najib Razak personally approved the deal, predominantly as a vote-buying exercise, which had been recommended by Chin.  The proposal was fast-tracked directly through the Prime Minister’s own office, without review and without questioning the astonishing RM559million price tag.”

Read the rest of our article here and if Chin sticks his nose out of doors again between now and the election try asking him what happened to all that money!

No Shame

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today announced RM250,000 in allocation for the Royal Malaysian Police’s General Operations Force (PGA), Kuching camp, a day before its members are set to cast their votes in advance voting…

Zahid said he would also consider inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar’s request for an allowance hike for his men, but indicated he would like to first see how they will vote.

“The inspector-general of police whispers to me at every meeting, asking ‘what about the allowances of men’.

“Ladies and gentleman, prove it to me. I have said and I delivered….

“I take care of my men in ensuring that they are promoted but before that, prove it to me first.

“If the evidence embarrasses me, then it is difficult for me to make the request to the prime minister,” he said…

Noting that tomorrow was an “important day”, Zahid urged PGA members present not to forget him and to “help” him.

He stressed that he was not campaigning for the election but then knowingly beckons Sim forward.

“I am not campaigning here… what I am doing is for the welfare of my men.

“I am not campaigning, but I want Sim to come forward a little, raise your hand a little,” he said to loud applause from the floor.

Our comment

Never has anyone succeeded as well as Zahid in condemning himself by his own words.

This jumped up deputy is well known to be waiting for the right moment to stab his beleaguered boss in the back and take the job, whilst pretending to be so loyal.

By such public displays he has shown himself a very fitting successor to Najib, should Malaysia wish to remain a tin-pot, criminal state.

The rest of Malaysia should have no time for him.  There are better prospects.


YOU Are The Foreigner Najib!

Najib said foreign interference could lead Malaysia into a chaotic situation as had happened to several Arab countries.

“We should not invite foreigners to interfere in our affairs. Let the internal affairs of the country be decided by the people themselves,” he said yesterday at a meet-the-people session in Matu, 67km from here.

Najib remarked that, surprisingly, a statesman who had once led Malaysia and who had prevented or denied foreign interference during his tenure has now called for foreign intervention.

He urged the people of Sarawak to shun any form of interference from outside by showing their support for Barisan Nasional. He said the people of Sarawak are duty-bound to decide their own future and decide how the state can become a developed and progressive state.

Our comment

Flying ostentatiously around in helicopters at the expense of the people of Sarawak, Najib should realise that to them it is HE who is the bloody foreigner!

Why does he think the Sarawak for Sarawakians movement has the approval of approximately 80% of the population?

It is because he and BN have acted like a foreign power in their state, sucking out their resources and throwing beer and noodles back at them during election time.

They show no respect for the Dayak nor their culture nor religion and they publicly demand that a minority Malay must always control the leadership.

As for the on-off Borneo Highway, Najib has given the entire project to his pal Mr Bustari, ensuring it will become just another 1MDB-style operation, where his cronies can suck most of the billions away into Najib’s pockets and their own.

BN could not build a decent road to save their lives – it is simply impossible when every project they commission is prioritised around graft and not delivery.